Combine the Best Two Blinds with Double Roller Blinds

Contributed by Ashley Kinsela 

Double roller blinds are exactly like typical roller blinds, but they come with two panels. When it comes to choosing the blinds, double roller blinds are the most popular choice among many people. The double roller blinds include two different types of blinds. With double roller blinds you can use two different types of blinds at the same time or switch between them. You can choose between blackout blinds which are used to keep privacy and darkness, or transparent sunscreens blinds which control the light from entering into the house without blocking the outside view. You can mix and match the blinds in a possible way like sunscreen-sunscreen, sunscreen-translucent, sunscreen-blockout, translucent-blockout and such.

#1. Double roller blinds for your house

There are a wide variety of double roller blinds available in the market. Hence to choose one that fits your need s and budget can be a difficult task. On a weekend party, you do not want your neighbors peeping into your house, or while studying or reading, you do not want to be distracted by the outdoor lighting, yet during the day you need your blinds to allow partial light to filter into your interior.

If you are a person with different mood swings, like sometimes you want to bask in the sun and the other day you want to be in state of peace of mind. A single blind will never satiate your needs. Hence, cover your windows with double roller blinds, where the blockout blind will completely block sunrays, heat, and sound, whilst the sunscreen or translucent blind will allow partial entrance of light.

#2. Double roller blinds for your restaurant

Double roller blinds also enhance the overall appearance of the interior of your restaurant. The interior lighting of your restaurant is one of the key elements in setting the mood. And having the option of providing your customers with multiple moods will be a huge credit point for your restaurant’s reputation. Apart from your blinds the other things that make or break the mood of your interior are wall color, flooring, furniture, interior furniture and more. You can consider renovating your place if above mentioned elements do not look good or are not in good condition.

While installing double roller blinds, consider using translucent or sunscreen blinds for an open and lively mood (apt for breakfast and brunch), or blackout blinds for a heavy and private mood
(appropriate for dinner.)

#3. Double roller blinds for your media house

Double roller blinds are a true gift to media houses. If one follows how the camera works, the very basic element of imaging camera depends on the light, it is the light reflecting of the subject that the camera captures on its sensor, through its lens, to process and deliver the final picture. Like the human eye is the greatest lens that will be ever created, the rays of the sun are the strongest source of light. However, in the presence of natural light during photography you will not be able to take extra ordinary photo. Owing to this reason, the outdoor light should be blocked out at the maximum possible level, and an artificial lighting set up is to be established to create a lighting condition that compliments the camera capacity and creates a dramatic mood of desire.

However, for certain creative purposes the hard shadow and strong contrast of the natural light on the subject are appreciated but with a low intensity. To meet your requirements, you can install the double roller blinds on which, the blackout blinds will help you totally cut out the outdoor light and the translucent or sunscreen blinds will allow partial light to enter into the place they are installed.


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