Keeping an Eye Out: Tips for Securing Your Home

Home security systems are getting very sophisticated, but burglars still get into homes. In fact, domestic burglaries have even started to increase. Unfortunately, thieves never seem to take a break and home thefts tend to increase in the dark of winter. To avoid having your house broken into, here are some tips to help your home stay safer.

Lock It Up

It may be obvious, but many homeowners fail to lock and double lock their homes at every point of entry including windows, skylights, and patio doors. Even if a door goes to an unused area of the home lock it.

Even when you are at home you need to be vigilant and lock your doors and windows. Keep an eye out for any areas that trespassers could easily enter through.

If you are a new homeowner, be sure to change the locks. You never know who could still be in possession of old keys to your home, so to be safe change all the door locks. Ensure that spare keys are only given to those that you trust.

Improve Your Security

If you want to deter burglars from coming into your home, you should install security cameras. Security cameras are the biggest deterrent to burglars, but only a fraction of all US homes have them installed. To make sure cameras are visible and are able to deter thieves, put a light close to the camera so that they can be clearly seen at night.

In addition to a video surveillance system, you may also want to install motion-activated lights as these protect all areas of your home. This lets you know when someone approaches the house.

Get In Touch With Your Neighbors

Make sure to speak with your neighbors to make sure they are on the lookout for signs of suspicious behavior. Think about organizing a neighborhood watch group and raising awareness about safety. Make sure you post signs that say your neighbors are watching.

Use Basic Precautions

There are some basic precautions you want to take when keeping trespassers away from your home. Make sure that you close the curtains when you turn on the lights in your home. Doing so prevents burglars from surveying your home’s interior.

In addition, when you leave your home for the night, leave a light or two on to make it look like there are still people in your home.

Finally, be careful on social media. Posting pictures of your home or announcing your upcoming vacation may be exciting, but consider keeping sensitive information offline. There are strangers who could view your posts and target your home when you are away.

These are basic things you can do to improve your security, but you also want to check your insurance policy to make sure that all your big-ticket and high-value items are covered. With a small amount of due diligence, you will be able to protect your home efficiently.

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