How the Gas Ducted Heating System Works and How to Install One

If you are interested in installing a central heating system for your house or office, then one of the top choices is the gas ducted heating system. The gas ducted heating system is a perfect solution for uniform heating, as the air is heated and distributed evenly to all parts of the building, and cold air which is returning is carried back through grilled ducts. If the system is installed correctly, it is highly efficient in warming a space evenly and to any number of rooms. To get this done, you must have a clear idea of the gas ducted heating system, its operation, and how to get this installed.

How the Gas Ducted Heating System Works 

The working is pretty simple. There is a central heating unit, which is positioned at an elevation, and generally the roof of the building is the best place for installing this. This portion uses gas or electricity to heat up the air. The heated air is then sent to various parts of the building through ducts or pipes. Every room, small or big, corridors and all open spaces and area in the building, get vents installed where the ducts from this central heating system comes and opens. The warm air gets into the space through these vents and elevates the room or space temperature. On the other hand, in this system there are grilled ducts, to collect and take back the return air which is generated, when excess warm air is injected into the rooms and pressure builds up to move out excess air.

The system forms a perfect setting to warm every room uniformly, and all the space in the property gets equal amount of heating in general because of the gas ducted heating system. The ducts pass through the ceiling of the building, and in many cases for maintaining the aesthetic beauty of the property, they are kept hidden using a false ceiling which is much lower and gives space for the ducts to run in between. The temperature in this system is controlled and regulated using a thermostat. The cold air is carried back for heating, and in this way, air is recycled through the system.

Advantages of Gas Ducted Heating System

 This system brings in several advantages for the users which are as follows:

  • This is a very economical way of heating a property centrally and uniformly.
  • Compared to wood heating system this is eco-friendly, and the warm air never irritates eyes or skin.
  • The whole area of the property gets heated through one system only.

Important Things to Note While Designing and Installing One

When you are planning to install a gas ducted heating system for your home, you will have to see the following points-

  • Make sure that the installing company is using a burner with more than 95% efficiency. The more efficient a burner is, the better your system would perform. Also, the burner must have a big section.
  • The duct design of the system matters in performance. The wider the ducts the lower would be the performance owing to the huge cross-sectional area and loss of heat due to that. Hence, narrower ducts should be your preference.
  • The heat exchanger in the system should have a simple design devoid of complications, and it must be designed by calculating the proper amount of heat.

There are Only a Few Maintenance Tips For This

  • The burner should be cleaned periodically.
  • The ducts should be cleaned on intervals.
  • The joints in ducts must be checked periodically for signs of leaks etc. so that any heat loss can be prevented.
  • The heat exchanger must be tested for heat leaks periodically.


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  1. It really helped to read that ducted heating systems don’t have the side-effect of irritation when being used. After spending a couple of weeks at my cousin’s place, I noticed that my skin ended up feeling dry and itchy every time we use their built-in heater. When I asked them about it, they said that this regularly happens, so I feel like doing them a favor and contacting a contractor to help them install a ducted heating system instead. It’s the least I can do to repay them for giving me a place to stay.

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