Factors That Help You Determine the Specifics Needed for Installing Automatic Sliding Gates

Contributed by Ashley Kinsela

Sliding gates have been in fashion for decades. These gates have several benefits along with the ease of operation. To add on to this ease, gate manufacturing industries came up with automatic sliding gates. With automation seeping into every aspect of daily life, gates are not far behind. Automatic sliding doors are the best combination of comfort, privacy, and security. Also, it gives a beautiful finishing touch to your property. Sliding gates can be installed on driveways, pedestrian paths, garages, home entrances, etc.

The place of installation is very important to decide the type of the automatic sliding gate that would suit the spot the best. Once the specifics of the sliding gate are determined, the next concern is the type of automation used to control the automatic sliding gates. It can be either operated with a remote, an intercom or controlled electronically with a switch. When you decide to get automatic sliding gates installed on your property, you first need to consider all the factors that govern the specifics of the gate. When you consult the automatic gate experts, they would ask you questions and specifics. You better be ready with all the answers.

Here are all the factors that you should have clearly determined before you finally visit the automatic sliding gates manufacturers.

#1. The location of the gate: Based on where you plan to install the automatic sliding gate, the strength and durability of the gate are determined. If it is a garage door, it needs to be durable enough to resist the damage caused by occasional bumps by the car and if it is the main entrance sliding gate, it has to be secure enough to keep out intruders and burglars. A pedestrian path can have a sliding gate that is not highly secure as it is mainly meant for giving access to a path.

#2. The frequency of usage: Before you set out to get an automatic sliding gate installed, ask yourself, “How often would the gate be used?” The answer to this question determines what type of automatic sliding door mechanism would suit your needs the best. The frequency of usage within a unit period of time is calculated in terms of duty cycles. Generally, 50 to 80 duty cycles per day spread out evenly throughout the day is called normal usage. But if you have a 30 duty cycle clumped together in a single hour in the morning and other 30 clumped together in the evening, it can be considered a high usage and would need an operator that can handle this high level of usage frequency.

#3. The slope: If there is a slope in the path of the gate, the power of the operator has to be high enough to overcome the influence of that slope. If not, the gate may move on its own when not necessary and controlling it would be difficult. You need to ensure that there are no external factors that can alter the moving path of the automatic sliding door. If there are, you should take them all into consideration while choosing the sliding gate operator.

#4. Budget: With varying options of automatic sliding gates, you may get overwhelmed with all the choices. But, stay clear about what you need and keep in mind your budget. In the wake of trying to get sliding gates with high-end security or technology that you do not even require, you may end up overburdening your budget. Make sure that this does not happen by keeping a clear head and a pre-set budget.

These factors are the determining pillars of your automatic sliding gates. So, never start the installation before you have a clear idea of all these.

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