10 Advantages of Building Inspection for Home Sellers

Buying or selling a house is quite a big task since it requires you to mandate all the lawful initiatives to make the process easier and fruitful for both the parties. However, when it comes to selling a house, not a lot of people have a viable advice for you. If you break it down by generations, then you would be surprised to know that millennials are by far the generation that has bought the most number of homes.

In a report by the National Association of Realtors, it was found that younger millennials were more confined to buying a house near their workplace and neighborhood choice, around 71% of them. Around 86% of them were the first-time buyers. On the other hand, around 52% of older millennials were the first-time buyers with 81% finding their new home through a mobile app. The times are changing fast, and as a home seller, you should probably look forward to meeting a millennial soon as the next prospect for buying your house. In the meantime, let us offer you some solid advantages for getting your home inspected. So let’s take a quick look at these 10 benefits that you can get from inspecting your house before selling it.

Dealing With the Hidden Troubles 

When you opt for an inspection, chances are that there might be some tweaks required here and there, which might have slipped under your radar. This will help in making sure that everything is in order when the new homeowner enters your house.

Increasing the Value of Your Home

Getting your house inspected by a certified inspector actually increases the value of your house.This document can act as a license of merit that shows your home is ideal for its new dwellers. Furthermore, it helps you take the lead during negotiations with the buyer by showing them that there are no hidden or extra costs for repairs attached to the sale of the property.

A Well-Deserved Peace of Mind

The psychological impact of selling and buying homes can be quite tormenting since it takes a toll on your mind. Furthermore, it is kind of an anguishing process of waiting for the right buyer and the right price. Having a home inspection puts these anxieties at rest since it offers you the peace of mind that you have done all on your part to make sure that there are no inconveniences left to be taken care of. This makes the process as smooth as possible.

Honesty With Future Clients

Contracts are based on trust and not just the face value. When you inspect your house before selling it shows that you are being completely honest about your property and have nothing to hide. This puts the buyer in a confident position and they are able to make an informed decision based on your trustworthiness.

Long-Run Cost Saving

Any asset has the tendency to depreciate with time. The land is by far the most valuable asset that can appreciate due to various economic and social factors. However, if you leave things unattended, then they might result in accumulation of a lot of repairs in the long run that can be hefty to pay off. This is why an inspection of your house can pinpoint what is required and thus save you from spending tons of money in the future by simply attending to the repairs needed early on.

Know the True Value of Your House

There are times when we discriminate against our own self and this lack of confidence can hurt us at times. A home inspection can offer you a tremendous uplift for how you look and perceive your own property and then compare it with others in the market to understand just how valuable it is. Chances are that you might end up being surprised in knowing how well kept your house is with respect to other properties that are dying out due to mismanagement and lack of repair and maintenance.

Professional Opinion Matters

A certified and professional home inspector is a highly qualified, experienced, and skilled person who is proficient at their job. Nowadays, they have various technological gadgets and applications like Hello Inspection working for them to make sure that every nook and corner of your property is completely monitored without compromises. Their opinion is second to the law which is why a pre-listing home inspection can work wonders for you.

Ability to Sell Faster

The one factor that makes deals to be closed at a much slower rate is confusion and incomplete information. A home inspection can ideally fill those gaps by offering tons of surety and guarantee for both the sellers and the buyers. This not only makes your deal viable but also allows you to sell your property faster.

Getting An Edge Over Competition

There is no doubt that many other sellers are also looking for buyers out there in the market. A home inspection can put you ahead of the competition and rivalries due to the fact that it is much appreciated by the buyers. Many buyers would often go for a house that has been inspected before. This gives them a clearer picture regarding the property which they are interested in.

DIY Activities for a Final and Heartfelt Goodbye

Our homes are a place of love, worship, friendship, and tons of unforgettable memories. There is no doubt that we, humans, get attached to our habitats and saying goodbyes is never easy. A home inspection can point you towards some last-minute do-it-yourself repairs that have slipped under your nose. This might open opportunities to say final goodbyes to the home you have come to admire and love so much over the years. Hence you will part ways with your beloved property on an enduring and loving note. 


Selling your home is not a walk in the park by any means. Apart from your emotional attachment, there are many other tasks that need your proper attention, time and energy. We hope this post offers you some great insights as to how a home inspection for seller’s point of view can offer you some incredible benefits. For more question and queries regarding the topic please feel free to let us know of your feedback in the comments section below.


Contributed by Christine Rudolph

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  1. As per my experience you should be at your home while the inspectors are performing home inspection also you should hire mold inspector and perform thermal imaging to detect leaks in your house.

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