Lighting Trends this Winter

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As the days become duller and the nights grow longer, lighting becomes increasingly important to homeowners. Whether it be indoor or outdoor, lighting has a way of lifting our spirits through the darker months until the clocks return to their summer state. Different types of lighting can greatly alter our mood and can have an amazing effect on our well-being through the January blues.

Whether you’re looking for lighting for the interior or exterior design of your home, we’ve collected our favorite home lighting trends for winter 2022, to get your creative juices flowing.

Go Vintage

With global modern, minimal home trends continuing to grow, we’re expecting to see them advance further, but with an evolutionary spin. We’ve seen the vintage look done time and time again through the years, but we’re expecting it to come back strong this winter.

For the exterior of your home, head to your local antique store for some vintage chandeliers and lanterns. These can be hung from branches, pergolas, or archways in your garden, creating a whimsical, old-timey feel for those frost-bitten nights.

We’re also seeing a continuation in the rise of the industrial lighting feature, both outside and inside the home. From rustic bare bulbs with a warm glow to reclaimed copper or dark metal lighting pieces, contrasting beautifully with a minimal home style. We’re sure your local thrift store will have some goodies for you!

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The Architectural Vibe

Structural home furniture has been on the rise throughout 2022, and it’s not planned on slowing down anytime soon. Structured chandeliers, focal-point lights, and lamps are prepped and ready for their time to shine.

Invest in a bold, architectural piece to enhance any room in your home. This type of lighting is luxe, modern, and art-deco and will most lightly come in the form of an abstractly designed chandelier made with metal fixtures, such as brass or iron, and globing to encase the bulbs. An art deco chandelier offers your home a timeless, high-class feel, and can work with most furniture decor styles, from minimalistic to shabby chic. 

We’re seeing a rise in multifunctional sculpture lighting; offering their functions as art pieces within your home whilst also functioning as a light source. Expect to see this trend not only as a chandelier, but throughout the home as desk-side, and smaller wall lighting pieces.

Sometimes a piece of this nature may require an electrician to professionally fit, so be sure to hop online and search for: ‘electricians near me’.

Textures and Materials

Remember those early 2000s old paper lampshades that had us in a chokehold? Well, they’re back, but better than ever.

A big trend expected for winter 2022 and well into 2023 is the textured, hand-crafted pendant light. Reminiscent of its papery days, the new and improved pendant lampshade is crafted from natural, textured materials such as linen, or reclaimed materials, and eco-friendly materials, such as repurposed banana skin – as strange as it sounds. 

With the continuation of the emphasis on environmentally friendly living, home decor companies are further pushing the use of repurposed and natural materials, over those that may cause a setback in our attempts for a more healthy climate.

Wicker and Wood

Continuing on from natural fabrics, we’re also seeing a huge rise in the use of natural, flexible woods when it comes to both indoor and outdoor lighting. Rattan, wicker and bamboo are amongst the most popular materials currently on the market regarding home lighting and home decor.

Winter can be dull and drab, so it’s safe to say a lot of us are carrying on in our homes like it’s still summer. Natural wood statement lighting pieces can bring a sense of nature and sereneness into your home when the outside forces are tirelessly at each other’s throats. 

If you have a sheltered outdoor seating area, dress your space with natural wooden globe or pendant lighting, add some warm-toned bulbs, and embellish with cosy textures and fabrics. This will create a snug, peaceful aura to counterbalance the dark and dreary winter weather.

Coloured Rattan

We’ve all seen rattan everywhere for the last few months, but have you experienced the magic of coloured rattan? Modern and contemporary shaped rattan lighting in an array of colours is expected to take over the last remaining months of 2022, and continue to lift our spirits well into 2023.

Expect to see beautifully shaped, modern rattan pieces with a twist, displayed in shades of greens, terracottas and blues to accentuate the recent and coming home colour trends. This type of lighting should invite a new audience to the natural home world: the maximalist. We expect to see maximalist homes shifting to a more natural feel, whilst still keeping their array of contrasting colours and chaos.

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With the recent skyrocketing cost of living and the ever-increasing energy cap, it’s no surprise that we’ll be seeing an even greater increase in the usage of LED lighting. LED lighting is a much more affordable alternative to incandescent light bulbs, cutting energy usage down by more than two-thirds. 

One trend that’s quickly arising from the shadows is the portable LED lamp. With affordability and sustainability at the forefront of most homeowners’ minds, the LED portable lamp will bring solutions to a lot of our home lighting issues. 

Some of these lights are designed for both indoor and outdoor use and can be wirelessly recharged, offering flexibility and diversity. Who needs a multitude of lighting when you can read, cosily by the soft light of your portable LED?

The Table Lampshade

For a while, we thought the old table lampshade was on its way out the door. But, it’s back – redesigned and better than ever.

If you thought your regular cone-line table lampshades and ceiling lights were a thing of the past, think again. The average lampshade is back, with a twist. On par with the natural, sustainable home vibe, lampshades have returned to a more eco-friendly form.

Expect to find a wide array of linen, wicker, bamboo, and rattan minimal shades. As well as statement ceramic lamp stands complimented by raffia shades in a variety of colours and patterns, from neutrals to brights. 

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