Having Family Over for Summer Fun? How to Avoid Stress

Summer is finally here, and it is getting close to the annual family get together. As is to be expected, there will be standing room only once all the aunts, uncles and cousins make it over. Things will be crowded, but you do look forward to the time you will get to spend with family you do not get to see too often. This year, you hope to pull things off with as little stress as possible, so here are a few tips to help you keep the stress levels down.

Plan Ahead of Time

You know the annual family get-together happens at your place every year, so be sure to give yourself ample time to plan out all the details. If you take the time to make sure all your bases are covered, you will have gone a long way to ensuring that your relatives will both enjoy themselves and feel comfortable too. As long as you have enough food and cold drinks for everyone, then everything should run smoothly. Remember to call around for HVAC services at companies like Aggressive Mechanical Contractors, Inc. so that your AC is operating properly this year.

Back Yard Sitting

One way to help keep things stress free this summer is to set up enough chairs for people to congregate around the grill and the in-ground pool. The more people who sit outside, the more room this will create inside. With the inside of your house less crowded, you will find it easier to get around when you need to be inside doing things. Outside, the sheer number of your relatives will make it easy to keep the conversations going as everyone is catching up and swapping stories.

Play Games

Nothing helps to lighten the mood when relatives are over more than playing a few games. Setting up the net in the backyard will make it possible for your relatives to have hours of fun playing volleyball. Just make sure that this year you set the net up far enough away from the house. The last thing you need causing you more stress is another broken window this year too.

Try Slowing Your Breathing

When you start to feel nervous or overwhelmed by everyone who showed up for the family gathering, always remember that you can calm your nerves by slowing your breathing. Simply reducing the rate at which you breathe in and out can be quite calming to the entire body. Additionally, this should help you to eventually slow down your heart to a normal pace too. From here you will have finally succeeded in talking yourself into a calmer state.


While it is easy to get stressed when family comes over, do not forget that you have been waiting all year to see some of these relatives. Remember, this is potentially a stressful time for them as well. As you focus on helping your relatives have a good time, you will find it becomes easier for you to relax in your role as a host.

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