3 Tips to Making Your House Secure for Your Little Ones

Do you have children or grandchildren that spend time in your yard? Do you want to make your home a safe zone to protect the little ones that visit? Securing your house is vital to give you those precious few seconds to catch sneaky kids climbing gates to get away.

Keep the Yard Tidy

Weeds, overgrown brush, and tree branches laying all over the place can cause huge problems for toddlers just learning to walk. Tree roots get in the way when children are playing sports like soccer and football. Trip hazards are everywhere you look. Keep your little ones secure with clean-cut lawns and trimmed bushes. Removing broken lawn furniture is always important because children love to get on the top of things.

Use Mulch around Play Equipment

One of the best ways to keep young kids safe is to add mulch to all the areas they play like on swing sets and monkey bars. When they fall, the mulch will cushion the blow making it less likely that they get a serious injury. Remember to check the yard for rocks and sticks to minimize harm too.

Secure the Yard with a Fence

A fence from picket fencing contractors makes sure that you have precious time to reach little children when they run towards the street. No matter the age, your kids are safer in a yard with a fence because potential kidnappers look for the most obvious targets. Balls and runaway puppies will stop at the gate making sure little children and grandchildren do not run after them.

Bonus Tip: Use Locks on All Gates, Swimming Pools, and Cellar Doors

Making sure to secure the fence gates and any water access is vital to safeguarding your home. When you have basements with doors where children can access them, it is an excellent idea to add locks to these doors too. When outside, it is best to keep kids in the open where any dangers are easy to spot, and kids get time outside.

Securing your home for younger kids or grandchildren is not hard when you think of the things kids love the most. By keeping the activities they do safe, you keep little ones happy and secure. Your yard is an extension of your home, so remembering to make it secure is just as important as adding baby gates, installing outlet covers, and putting a lock on the toilet.

There is no such thing as too safe when dealing with children. No matter how high you put chemicals, you must teach the child what danger is and how important it is to avoid perilous situations. Your yard should get the same consideration as the inside of your house.

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