How to Plan a Great Family Vacation in Atlanta

Family vacations can be a great chance for the whole family to spend time together, bond together, and of course, play together. If you have so far struggled with planning family trips, don’t worry. There is always the chance to get it right, and with these tips, you can start
planning better vacations.

Make the most of your vacation in Atlanta, and use these tips when you plan to make it happen:

Book a Vacation Home, not a Hotel Room

One of the best parts about modern travel is that you don’t have to stick to hotel rooms. Instead, you can book a full property that can act as a home away from home. This is so much more comfortable for families of all ages and a great way to actually save as well. By booking a single place, you can give everyone the comfort of having their own room or at the very least have a parent’s room and a kid’s room. Having your own space also means that you can make your own meals. This can help you save and is also a lifesaver if your kids have special diets or are picky eaters.

Mix Up the Activities You Get Up To

Atlanta has so many great things to see and do. There are many family activities Atlanta calls its own, so to get the best of the city experience, try to mix up each activity. Go to a museum, go on a hike, go to a water park, go to a kid’s fun center, there is a zoo, and so
much more. By choosing one of each type of activity, you will make every day an exciting adventure.

Get Your Kids in on the Planning

Make a short list of potential things to do and have everyone in your family rank them from the activity or thing they want to see most down to the activity they want to do the least. This way, you can focus on planning a trip that everyone agrees on. Tip: Consider having a wild card. This means that everyone can list one activity as something they absolutely want to do, even if it isn’t ranked highly by anyone else. Longer
trips, in particular, will benefit from this.

How to Add in Downtime

Everyone gets tired, even if your kids seem to be endless balls of energy. The good news is that by adding downtime, you can all rest and recuperate after a very exciting or demanding activity. This could be something as simple as having a long afternoon in the park. You can
read while your kids play on the swings. You could also go to contained areas like a water park where your kids can go off to the slides, and you can rest in the pool. Adding in downtime like this, where your kids have an active activity if they want or the ability to also settle down and recover, is a great way to enjoy a stress-free day every day.

Don’t Forget Events

Events are special because they are only there for a short period of time. By booking a few events, you make your Atlanta trip extra special.

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