Supporting Health In Times of High Stress

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Stress is a reality of life that is almost impossible to prevent. We spend so much time worrying about the past, the present, and the future that we miss out on experiencing some of the joys that life provides. Has stressing about an upcoming concern ever held you back from enjoying something positive? Then you are not alone.

Managing stress can be a difficult task, as well as recovering from it. As is often the case, you cannot control the circumstances that caused the stress in the first place. You do, however, have control of how you respond to it.

When you are stuck in a feeling of worry and it is ruining other aspects of your day, finding ways to manage the stress is the key to moving through it and recovering. It is all about finding things that you CAN control. Here are some ideas for supporting your health during times of high stress.

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Eat Healthy

Your diet is one thing that you always have control of, and your eating habits may be contributing to stress levels. When you aren’t receiving sufficient nutrients from your diet, it can leave you feeling worse and parts of your body can suffer. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and
lean meats are all important foods to include in your daily intake so that your body receives the nourishment that it needs.

Though they cannot provide the nutrient levels that a healthy diet can, vitamin and mineral supplements can help promote cellular health, as well as support your already healthy eating choices.

Take a Deep Breath

In times of high stress, sometimes you need to simply take a moment to breathe. Focusing on your breathing pattern takes your mind off of your circumstances and can help help you relax for a moment. Take just a minute or two to close your eyes, hone in on breathing techniques, and be still. This can lower the amount of stress you are feeling. Plus, it will put your brain on pause and allow you to reflect on a solution to the problem that is causing the stress. If taking a few deep breaths stops your thoughts from running wild, it can refresh your mind.

Embrace Times of Rest

Sometimes, stress happens because of a hectic schedule, which makes health practices difficult. There are too many responsibilities and tasks throughout the day, and they start to overwhelm you. Embracing times of rest are key to managing the stress that comes with a packed schedule. This could mean that you have to prioritize and block out some time for your rest period.

Rest does not always look like doing nothing. It can be any activity that engages your mind and brings you happiness. Take up a hobby or create something with your hands. Read a book for pleasure or go for a hike with great views. All of these activities can provide solace for an
overwhelmed individual.

Lay Out Your Priorities

Stress can cause people to freeze up. When they are overwhelmed by their circumstances, they might be unsure of how to tackle their tasks and could feel “stuck.” When this happens, you need a method to get unstuck so that you can continue to get things done. You can do this by organizing everything according to Eisenhower’s urgent/important principles. Basically, everything you want to do is labeled with two different categories; importance and urgency. Then, you organize them in the following order to figure out what the top priorities are to
complete first.

● Important And Urgent
● Important But Not Urgent
● Urgent But Not Important
● Not Important And Not Urgent

Once everything is labeled and put into order according to these principles, you have a plan for how to complete them efficiently and according to your needs.

Asking For Help

Sometimes all you need to do is accept help from others. Whether this means emotional support to help you bear the weight of the stress or physical help to delegate tasks and lighten your load, asking for help can benefit your mental health and manage stress levels. When you
experience these worries, reach out to a trusted friend or family member who can encourage you. If it is a consistent issue, consider seeking professional help. Humans are not meant to experience life alone, so why should you force yourself to endure stress with no help?

Health Suffers When You Are Stressed

There is plenty of research indicating the negative effects that stress has on the body and mind. If you want to support your health when dealing with stressful times, then you will have to implement some changes in your life. Consider how your diet may be contributing to the
problem with a lack of proper nourishment. Take the time to take a deep breath to focus on yourself and then embrace times of rest to recover. Organize your priorities so that you have a plan and don’t be afraid to ask for help from others. By following these suggestions, you can be proactive about supporting your health

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