A Gorgeous Pet Blanket from Gifts For You Now!

So…I’m obsessed with my pets, as you can see, based on the amount of photos on the pet blanket below. Most people are these days and that’s why Gifts For You Now is the perfect site when it comes to giving gifts. They’re great for so many ideas and occasions such as Father’s Day or Graduations, but also National pet days! 

I run a small rescue out of my home. We currently have 17 rescue cats and 2 Beagles (a few pictured on the pet blanket above). These pets are my world and I’ve been through quite an upheaval with each of them. Due to these rough times, it has made me cherish them even more. Even though many will go to new homes which is bittersweet, I remember and love every single one of them. 

In the photo above, sitting on the pet blanket, you can see our newest rescue, Penelope Pussycat (don’t mind the dog toy on the floor). She’s 5-6 weeks old and was left without a mother and found barely breathing due to an infection in her sinuses. She has only been with us two days but thanks to medicine, she is breathing much clearer now. She is finally eating more normally and is gaining strength enough to play with her own feet and follow mama around the house mewing away. 

I’m not the only one in my family who does rescue. My parents did it when I was growing up and my twin sister plays a role in rescue where she lives as well. Pictured above is her dog, Chase, who is a rescue. He’s deaf and wasn’t being adopted out because of it so she took him in and trained him.

Not all cases like Penelope Pussycat’s or Chase’s turn out for the better. Rescue can be very rewarding and very emotionally heavy at times. However, I can guarantee you that remembering those sweet faces, whether they went over the rainbow bridge or not, is a beautiful memory. That’s why I couldn’t pass up getting a customized pet blanket from Gifts For You Now. 

Gifts For You Now has so many gifts for pet lovers but these gorgeous pet blankets caught my eye. I made a collage for the first blanket which is a Photo Sherpa Blanket. Since we have 19 pets currently, not counting past pets, I couldn’t choose which pet to put on the blanket so I fixed that issue right quick with the collage. I put the words “The Graham Life” on the side of the blanket because our life is all about animals and the blanket perfectly sums that up.

The other blanket is a present for my twin with her dog Chase on it. It’s the “Life is Better” Sherpa Blanket. They have such a special relationship and I can’t wait to give her the blanket. The inside of the blanket is unimaginably soft. As you can see, the material is very comfy and high-quality. They didn’t pull any punches with these blankets and they were worth every penny. Penelope sure has been happy with her blanket! It was hard not wanting to buy every gift they offered but I’m extremely happy with the ones I chose.


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