Logitech Harmony Elite and Amazon Alexa Make a Great Pair

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Find Harmony in Your Life

Technology is amazing, and it makes our lives so much simpler.  Due to many of our technological advances, we can do things much faster, which in turn gives us more free time.  The Logitech Harmony Elite is one device that has really made my life much more simple and streamlined.  Most noteworthy is that my Harmony and Alexa can work together to save me time and energy.

About Logitech Harmony Elite 

Harmony Elite is a remote control hub that will work with Amazon Alexa to control your entire entertainment experience with just your voice.  It is sleekly designed with a color touchscreen, motion-sensing backlit keys, and one-touch automation.  Harmony Elite works with over 270,000 smart home devices, so you just need your voice or one touch on the control to do just about anything.  

No More Clutter

Since Harmony Elite can work with your TV, gaming consoles, AV receiver, smart lights, smart locks, thermostats,  Roku® media player, and Amazon Alexa you can control everything with one controller.  Therefore you do not need seven remotes sitting on the end table just to watch TV or play music.  Instead, you can hit Watch Movie, and it will turn on your DVD player, TV, AV receiver, and anything else needed to make that happen.  Then with a word or the touch of a button you can switch tasks and have a date night, and Harmony can dim lights, and turn on mood music.

Mom’s Thoughts

This Harmony Elite controller is very cool!  It has really reduced the clutter of multiple controllers and trying to locate the one I need.  Plus it sits in a rechargeable base which helps it stay exactly where it belongs.  I can grab it and hit what I want to do and it gets it all on and ready at once.  Plus you do not have to point it at the devices, which makes it great from any location in the room.  I can also control it all from my phone app, even if I am not home. The Harmony Hub sits under the TV and helps it all work together seamlessly.

Amazon Alexa Meets Harmony

When my husband first set my Harmony up we did not pair Amazon Alexa the first day.  Then I mentioned he needed to do that, so he asked Alexa and she easily walked us through the process.  It is awesome that one piece of technology can help us utilize another one.  With the two together I can enjoy hands-free control of changing channels, adjusting volume, turning devices on or off, and much much more.  My favorite thing has been to shut off the TV while the kids are watching it when I tell them it has been long enough.  If they do not act quick enough I just tell Alexa to shut it off.  

I love how easy Logitech Harmony Elite and Amazon Alexa have made controlling my home.  I can get a movie ready to be watched before I even get into the room.  It is really quite amazing!  Harmony unifies control of the ever-expanding universe of home entertainment into a powerful experience that is effortless.  Now peace can resume in my house and the clutter of multiple controllers can disappear, as well as the chaos of many apps to control all the devices.

How many devices would you like to connect together in harmony?

Logitech Harmony Elite is available at Best Buy


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