ToiletTree Products Bamboo Bathroom Bench is a Lifesaver #Review

ToiletTree Products Bamboo Bathroom Bench Helps Through Difficult Times

Sometimes, life will throw you a curve ball that you had no clue was about to head your way. In those times, I am extra thankful for companies like ToiletTree who have already come up with solutions to help ease those moments.

ToiletTree Products

My Need for the ToiletTree Bamboo Bathroom Bench

Back in December, I took a pretty hard fall that did a lot of ligament and tendon damage to my ankle. After 2 casts and wearing an air boot for a couple months, surgery was the only option. 18 stitches and a TON of pain later, I found myself unable to put ANY weight on my ankle for 4 weeks with another 6 weeks before full weight will be allowed! 

For a little bit, I tried standing one-footed in the shower which was a TERRIBLE idea! Then came the ToiletTree Products Bamboo Bathroom Bench in the mail. FINALLY, a shower without trying to stay balanced the whole time. Do you know how difficult (and dangerous) that really is, especially when you are in pain?!

ToiletTree Products

You may be saying, I don’t have a problem with my ankle so why would I need a bench for my shower?! Well, I plan to continue to use mine even after my ankle is fully healed. I have found that shaving is MUCH easier by using the bench. The bench can be used in the shower, out of the shower, in another room or even in a sauna, near a pool or just on the back deck.  

Assembly of the Bamboo Bathroom Bench

The bathroom bench comes in a box disassembled but don’t let that scare you. My husband was sick with the flu and I was down on my ankle so my 14-year-old put the bench together in literally a matter of about 5 minutes with no help. 

ToiletTree Products

About the Bamboo Bathroom Bench

The bench is made of 100% natural eco-friendly bamboo. It is 13.6 inches from side to side by 11.8 inches from front to back and stands 13.75 inches tall. 

ToiletTree Products

Benefits to Bamboo Furniture

  • Much more resistant to damage than traditional hardwoods
  • Resistant to shrinking or swelling from moisture or heat
  • Bamboo’s fine grain makes the looks more appealing

ToiletTree Products

ToiletTree Products has a wide variety of bamboo accessories for the bathroom. You never know when you may NEED a shower bench. Considering the many uses for this bench, I believe everyone should have one!

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