8 Common-Sense Dog Walking Safety Tips

Most people agree that there are plenty of benefits to getting a family dog. They are our faithful and playful companions who bring joy to us and our children. However, besides all of that, they are also a big responsibility and they require being taken care of. That means feeding them, bathing them, keeping them fit and healthy as well as walking them. Though, the outside world can be a dangerous place and exactly because of that, we need to be extra careful and cautious. If you’re not sure what that means, take a look at some dog walking safety tips. 

Teach your dog to behave

One of the basic and most essential dog walking tips is to basic-train your dog. You need to devote some time to training your dog. You train it to behave in your home, where and when to eat and drink as well as how to use the bathroom. You should apply similar techniques for training your dog when in the street. It has to recognize your commands when you say them. They should concern the things they’re not supposed to touch and the dogs they’re not supposed to approach, among other things.

Get a proper leash

In order for your dog to be safe in the street, it is best to keep it on a leash at all times. In that way, they are protected from the traffic as well as other dogs. There are different types of leashes, the traditional one as well as a newer, retractable version of a leash. For potty walking, it is better to use the retractable one, while for exercise walking, the better option is the traditional leash. 

ID your dog

This is a crucial aspect every dog owner should consider. You should put a collar with an ID on your dog. The ID should contain some basic information as your name and phone number, perhaps the dog’s name and the address as well. You can choose some of the perfect, high-quality enamel tags that will suit your dog’s personality and looks. In that way, you can be sure that your dog will be easily identifiable if it accidentally gets lost. 

Keep your dog hydrated

It’s safer for your dog to drink water that you bring along rather than the paddles in the street. Similarly, to us, for dogs is also important to be hydrated. So, make sure that you always bring a bottle of water for your dog, as the walks tend to be tiring. 

Bring some treats along the way

Bringing along a white label dog treat also wouldn’t hurt, to give your dog energy for walking as well as to prevent it from eating anything it finds in the street. This is key as different kinds of toxic food and materials might be lying around outside. Pay special attention to these kinds of behaviours as they can harm your dog.

Protect your dog from cold weather

For cases when weather conditions are harsh, we need to be extra mindful. In cases of extremely cold weather, we should protect our dog, by dressing it appropriately. Also, in cases of windy and rainy conditions. Besides the clothing, you should also protect its sensitive paws by putting on some kinds of dog shoes.

Protect your dog from hot weather

Similarly, as for the cold weather, the hot weather also brings some concerns. For dogs with pale and sensitive skin and paws, it’s important to use a dog sunscreen in order to avoid burned skin. Also, you need to take paws into consideration. You can perform a small test to check this. If you can’t place your bare foot or hand on the hot concrete and keep it there for ten seconds, the concrete is then too hot for your dog as well. In that case, you should also protect its paws with shoes.

Beware of other dogs and wildlife

Even if your dog is well-trained and well-behaved, you never know how other dogs that you encounter will behave. There is a danger of other, more dangerous, or stray dogs attacking your dog. That’s why it’s very important to keep your dog on a leash and to train it properly to listen to your commands. Also, the same goes for potentially encountering some wildlife such as a hedgehog or a skunk.

Walking our dog is essential for its mental and physical state, that’s why we should do it regularly, at least once a day. However, for it to be a safe and healthy walk, you should follow these useful dog walking tips.


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