Best Straw Cowboy Hats For Women – Buying Guide

If you’re looking for a straw cowboy hat, it’s best to know your head size before heading to the websites. The perfect straw cowboy hat will keep your head and ears warm and dry from the outside rain or winter weather and keep the light breeze from blowing up your hair uncomfortable. There are a few different styles of straw cowboy hats. Having so many options makes you blind to see a good choice lying right before you. If you are looking for the best straw cowboy hats for women, you need to consider a few things first. Some of these points are detailed here:

Understand The Features of A Good Straw Cowboy Hat

There are different styles and kinds of straw cowboy hats available right now, but knowing their features can help you narrow down your search and make a better choice. What are the different styles of a straw cowboy hat? Well, there are six different hats. They are:

  • Round brimmed hat
  • Brimmed hat with a curved shape
  • A brimmed hat that has a straight shape
  • Wide brim hat with a flat crown
  • Wide brim hat with a conical shaped crown

A good straw cowboy hat will protect your head and ears from the cold and rain using materials like straw, grass, and hemp. These synthetic materials are warm when you wear them, even though they look flimsy. Some other straw cowboy hats come with extra decorations around the brim or crown area, such as bags, animals, or flowers.

Variety and Design of Your Straw Hats

If you are not sure what straw hat style would suit you best, get one of the following models. They are all pretty trendy and original ideas that stand out against the others. Some of the most stylish names for womens straw cowboy hats include:

  • Animal hats – It looks just like a real rabbit or a fox. You can wear it during the winter season and make a statement to your friends about your style.
  • Horseman hats – Wear them with a western shirt and boots or jeans. You can also wear it on special occasions such as weddings, parties or dinner dates with your friends or family.
  • Floral hats – This is an ideal choice for someone who loves fashion but doesn’t want to look too girly or overconfident in their selection of costume accessories.
  • Bowler hats – A bowler hat is a miniature version of the top hat popular during the early 20th century. If you are looking for something small and sexy but still want a fashionable look, this style is right for you.
  • Bonnet hats – You will find this style in women’s fashion. It’s available in different attractive colors like navy, red and purple. The adjuster on top is great as it allows you to secure the fit without making it snug on your head or too loose with excess fabric hanging around your ears.

The round and brimming hat comes with a curved brim and is the most popular of these styles. You can try any option from this list, and you will only get appreciation at your next party.

Know Your Size Before Hand

If you know your size, you will have an easy time deciding which style to choose. You can always double-check the head size of one of your friends before ordering a hat, just in case there’s any kind of error in the description. Remember, caps are not available in all sizes, so you won’t get what you are looking for if you don’t measure correctly. 

You do not want to buy a hat that will only end up in your drawer due to a size issue. Instead, go through the size chart of different platforms and start calculating your perfect size. Nothing can match the feeling and looks of a perfectly fit hat over your head. 

Match Your Hat With Your Outfits

A straw cowboy hat is a great way to complete your western cowboy look if you are going on a summer vacation or for the weekend. There are many ways you can style it to match your clothes. For example, you can wear a simple shirt with jeans and a straw cowboy hat, instead of wearing other accessories or carrying a handbag. 

You can also wear it with an elegant dress if you’re attending a formal event or visiting someone. Just remember not to let your outfit overwhelm your style, and make sure it is light enough so that you don’t feel uncomfortable under the strong sunlight.

These are some essential things to consider when buying a straw cowboy hat. Of course, not every hat has the same features, so why not try the one that fits you best without wasting your money and time? After all, a good straw cowboy hat will be with you for many years, and it is wise that you make an intelligent choice.


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