5 Unique Valentines Day Gifts for Her

Are roses too serious and candy to middle school? Are you struggling to find something unique for your significant other for Valentine’s Day? 

Don’t Fret! In this post, we have detailed 5 unique Valentine’s gifts for her. These gifts will knock the socks right off of your significant other and are sure to melt their heart. Be forewarned; you may need to have a box of tissues handy when you debut any of these incredibly unique valentines day gifts for her.

Your Very own RomCom SoundTrack

Print your albums along with some of the most famous love songs of all time. Grab the photos from your iconic moments together and create the most perfect romantic montage of songs that express exactly how you feel about her.

A Floral Arrangement 

Put together a musical bouquet of flowers. Songs often talk about the beauty all around us. Put together a rather “floral arrangement” by pairing popular songs about different flowers and fields with photos from your most cherished memories.

A Day in the Life

Start back at the beginning of your relationship. Combine popular songs with the photos of you together. Be sure to include the highs and the lows throughout your early years of dating until now. A set like this will bring joy but also remind you of how you’ve grown your relationship together.

Route 66

Go on a road trip last summer? Had an epic beach getaway together? Photos from your trip pair perfectly with those unforgettable radio tunes from along the way. Don’t forget that song you both started singing when you got stranded on the side of the road!

Epic Firsts

How about that time you went to your first baseball game together? Or when you brought them as your plus one to your cousin’s wedding? How about the first Christmas with your family? There are so many firsts throughout a relationship. What better way to remember those first moments than with art created with the culmination of those moments and the most popular songs of the time. This curated memory album will have you singing those tunes and feeling the joy every time you walk by and see the printed albums.

Man’s Best Friend

Pair photos of your special someone’s fur babies with a popular song that describes their personality.

Down on a Bended Knee

Are you getting engaged? Rebrand those embarrassing moments from you and your fiancé’s childhood while delighting each other by pairing these awkward photos with easy to remember hits and one-hit wonders. Whenever that popular song comes on the radio, your future spouse will now think of your baby photos and have a good laugh.

A Picture Sings a Thousand Words

Our relationships are full of memorable moments. Showcasing those pivotal moments in a gift that will last a lifetime is both meaningful and unique. Your Valentine will surely enjoy the walk down memory lane and the memorable music that makes the journey epic.


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