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You’ve looked and searched and eventually, you found your beautiful new home. It has all you need – enough storage space, a big kitchen, beautiful garden – so you thought that all your troubles have ended.

Think again.

This is actually where your troubles start. The fun, romantic part is done, and all that’s left is hard work. Now you can start panicking about not having enough boxes, not being able to bring all your possessions with you, your dreadful packing skills, moving services, and so on. About this time, you’ll probably start feeling the stress of it all, and you’ll be tempted to just give up on everything, sell the new place ASAP, and stay forever in your tiny, cramped up apartment.


Still, before you start to despair, try to get things organized. Go step by step, and try to focus on one thing only at a time. It’ll give you something to do, and you’ll get the feeling of productivity, so you’ll feel much better about the whole thing. In fact, the answer to all your problems can be as simple as a good, detailed checklist. So, in order to lower your anxiety levels during these difficult times, we’ve come up with a nice, comprehensive checklist.

1. Declutter

As soon as you set the moving date, go around your home and decide what you’re going to keep and what you’re going to sell or donate. Pay attention to everything, from furniture to clothes. Go through all of your storage, and throw away everything you can’t sell or donate. Remember, the fewer things you keep, the less trouble you’ll go through when it’s finally time to move, so declutter as efficiently as you possibly can. Decide which of the things you own you’re not going to use until you move, pack the first couple of boxes, then store them away.

2. Find a good moving company

Finding a good company can save you quite a bit of a headache down the road, so give it some time and thought. Do the internet research first, and then start making calls and holding interviews. Consider the company’s insurance policies, liability practices, timetables, and so on. Don’t hire anybody you don’t like or trust.

3. Do the paperwork

Now, this is a mini checklist in itself. Here are the most usual things to go through, but do try to brainstorm this one and add anything that is appropriate to your situation.

  • Give notice in writing to your landlord
  • Complete a change-of-address form
  • Transfer your utilities (or cancel them)
  • If you have children, make arrangements for school transfers
  • Forward or cancel subscriptions
  • Confirm your moving date

Make sure to start checking things off as soon as possible, because some of these may prove problematic and may require you to re-submit papers, or they can simply drag on.


4. Take care of your pets

Decide how you want to go about this. Do you want your pets to stay with your friends or family until the move is over? If not, how are they going to travel? It’s important to keep your pets safe during the move, so update all the collars, and have any medication on hand for emergencies.

5. Get an insurance

In case your moving company doesn’t offer an insurance package, you’ll have to take care of it yourself. All item you’re transferring from one place to another have to be insured in case they get stolen, lost, or broken. Make an inventory, and take photos recording their current state, for a bit of extra safety.

6. Put some thought into packing

Make sure you pack smartly. Pack fragile items, like glasses or art, in the beginning, while you still have the nerves and energy to do so well and carefully, and save the more menial tasks for the time when you’re tired and just want to be done with it. Put heavy things – such as books – into your rolling suitcases, so that they’ll be easier to move around. Take small valuables with you, and keep them safe. Don’t forget to pack an overnight bag for the first couple of days before you settle in, and make sure your pajamas, underwear, and toiletries are ready to use.

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7. Inspect your boxes

Once you and your boxes arrive at your new home, inspect the boxes. In case there is anything unusual, like tears, open boxes, any sign of mishandling, or any of your things missing, report it to the movers.

8. Clean, clean, clean

Before you unpack, give the new place a good scrub. It’s easier to do it in detail before unpacking, and you’ll have more energy than after. After you’ve unpacked, you can just casually wipe and vacuum and be done with it.

9. Set up the technology

Before you do anything else, set up your technology. Plug in your computer, sound system, and TV, and call the professionals if there is any kind of complicated antenna installation you can’t do by yourself. Do this first because chances are that the hard work to follow will be a bit easier for you if you can listen to music or stream your favorite show in the background. At the very least, once it’s time for a break, you’ll be able to relax more and enjoy your time.

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10. Unpack the kitchen

Always try to do the difficult tasks in the beginning, when the energy levels are still reasonably high. Unpacking the kitchen is dull and annoying, so go at it right away. Don’t insist on getting everything just right immediately, just do the basics and make sure everything is there. You’ll have plenty of time to shuffle things around later.

11. Make the beds

Is there anything more welcoming than a nicely made bed? Just making the beds will make your new home instantly more familiar and comfy. Besides, you don’t want to spend your first night in your new place sleeping on a bare mattress, do you?

12. Go shopping

Before you get knocked off of your feet, go and buy some groceries for the first couple of days. Get some snacks, fruit, and frozen meals, because you won’t have the time to cook during the initial period, but you still need to eat. Save the cooking for after you’ve settled in.

Congratulations! You’ve finally moved into your new place! Now you’ve gone over the most important aspects of the move, and the only things that are left are shuffling the furniture around and unpacking the clothes, decorations, books, and so on. You’ll get through with it over the next few days, but for now, just open that bottle of wine, relax, and enjoy the work well done.

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Audrey Taylor was born in San Francisco and moved to Adelaide at the age of five. Marketer researcher and social media manager on hold, full-time mommy of a cheerful two-year-old. Graduated from Queensford college, worked in a couple of marketing agencies across Australia, eager to learn more about business and share her experiences. Traveled across Europe. Her hobbies include home decor, fashion, travel, music, and old movies.


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