Short Showers? What to Do When Hot Water Runs out too Fast

Nothing’s worse than running out of hot water during your morning shower, especially if it happens all the time. There can be a number of reasons why you may be running out of hot water so quickly, and each one depends on a number of different things. Most often, simple changes in your daily routine can help fix this problem. However, if this problem continues, there may be a problem with your water heater that requires attention. Here are five things you can do when you run out of hot water too fast.

Use Less

Long, hot showers can be relaxing, but your hot water tank only supplies you with so much hot water at a time. If numerous people in your house are showering around the same time, this can deplete your hot water supply very quickly. Not to mention, if you are running the dishwasher or washer at the same time, your hot water supply will dwindle even faster. Spacing out your use of hot water can ensure that you aren’t always running out when you need it.

Get a Bigger Tank

If more than two people live in your house and you never seem to have enough hot water, your tank may not be big enough for the size of your family. Be sure to consult with water heater installation services to determine whether a larger tank is right for you and specify which size you should invest in.

Get a Larger Tankless Hot Water Supply

A tankless water heater is different than a regular hot water heater. It provides the user with hot water right from the faucet in use. Since hot water is not being stored in a unit, if your supply level is too small, you may run out of hot water all the time. Your unit may also need to be serviced in order to ensure it’s being as efficient as possible. It’s important to ensure that your tankless heater is the right size and is properly maintained in order to ensure you have as much hot water as you need.

Clean up Mineral Build Up

The sediment found in your home’s water can build up and travel through your pipes and your hot water tank. Even though your hot water heater has a filter for these minerals, it doesn’t capture them all. If minerals build up in the bottom of your tank, it’s capacity will decrease. Sediment build up will cause your tank to be less efficient, so it’s important to regularly maintain it to prevent this problem.

Fix Damaged Parts

As your water heater ages, its parts can become worn out or damaged. This can cause your water heater to function poorly. Be sure to consult with a professional to ensure that you are maintaining your hot water heater so that it works properly and you don’t continuously run out of hot water.

You can’t live without hot water in your home, and it’s a nuisance if you run out of it all the time. Take these five steps to ensure that you always have plenty of hot water.

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