4 Space Problems You Can Solve for Your Bathroom While Remodeling 

Bathroom remodeling can be a real challenge, especially when the room is small, but you realize that you still need places for essential items. The best way to improve the bathroom is to creatively add storage solutions that repurpose existing spaces that are going unused. Following are some ideas to solve those problems.


Sometimes the biggest space issue in a bathroom is how things are arranged. To use space more effectively, consider getting a real bathroom remodeling job to moving the tub to another corner of the room. Put the sink closer to the entrance, and so on. You can also save space by having a standing shower instead of a tub if space is really tight. Moving cabinets around and adding space under the sink can do a great deal for your space issues, as well.

Under the Sink 

Although a pedestal or floating sink seems to take up less space, it is so worthwhile to build in a vanity with doors and drawers. That will create the ample space to store and neatly hide a multitude of cleaning products, sanitizers, toilet paper, fresheners, hair products, first aid supplies, and so much more. 

You can add a free-standing unit that fits around the plumbing pipes. The adjustable shelves and segments slide on rails for easy access and provide different-sized spaces for the various items. Or you might choose a sliding drawer basket below an adjustable shelf to hold cleaning supplies so that you can lift the basket out by its handle and carry it with you as you clean.

Cabinet Tips

Have a skinny cabinet built into the unusable space between the toilet and the wall. That is another storage idea that can be a place for extra rolls of toilet paper, magazines, guest towels, etc. Have a medicine cabinet replace just a mirror. Those shelves inside will hold many medications, lotions, eye drops, creams, ointments, extra soaps, razors, more shaving items, and other necessities. Your cabinets control a great deal of your storage space, so they are a great place to focus your remodeling efforts if you want to open up space.

Additional Ideas

Have shelves installed over the door and in other high places on the walls. Use those for extra towels and other linens and blankets that need to be stored and are not used regularly. With space at a minimum, have a towel bar or hooks mounted on the bathroom door or on the shower door to keep towels handy. 

Have the bathtub or shower faucet mounted on the wall to free up more space for the sink and a vanity. You want to use the newly created spaces for essentials and want a place for everything so that you won’t have to clutter the top of the toilet tank or the counters. You need to leave the areas that can be seen to “pretty up” your decor with scented soaps, guest towels, decorative bottles of hand soap, a fancy soap dish, and other fancy items.

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