Azelaic Acid Face Cream: The Benefits & How to Use It

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Azelaic acid cream has long been the best-kept secret of skincare enthusiasts. If you have a friend whose skin always looks bright and supple, there’s a good chance that azelaic acid is the reason. This unique compound is naturally produced by the skin, but as you get older — or when you encounter environmental stressors — your skin does not produce enough of it. Luckily, you can supplement your skin’s natural production with a lotion that includes this incredible ingredient. Find out how it can benefit your skin and make your face look beautiful.

Reduce Acne Causing Bacteria

One of the most popular applications of azelaic acid is in topical anti-acne treatments. Indeed, it is one of the most effective options for this purpose because of its natural antimicrobial properties. Most acne is caused by bacteria that become clogged in the pores, so eliminating bacteria is an important aspect of any anti-acne routine. Azelaic acid has been shown to reduce bacteria on the skin by 10 to 20%.

Some of the most common bacteria that cause acne include offenders such as Propionibacterium. This bacteria occurs naturally on the skin, but when it is left to proliferate, it quickly becomes problematic. Similarly, Cutibacterium can cause hair follicles to become inflamed, which will also make breakouts emerge,

In addition to reducing the presence of bacteria on the skin, azelaic acid can break down other materials that may also contribute to clogged pores. Dead skin cells and debris often become lodged in pores and cause breakouts — especially unsightly blackheads and whiteheads. Azelaic acid can break up these materials and prevent them from causing inflammation and acne.  Check out Foundation Skincare for all of the amazing products available for your needs.

Layer It Into Your Skincare Routine

Another fantastic benefit of azelaic acid is its versatility. You can add it to your existing skincare routine without changing anything else and enjoy its many benefits. In fact, it’s ideal for layering between the steps of your skincare routine because it protects your skin’s moisture barrier. If you regularly use a moisturizer followed by a serum, then, using a product with azelaic acid can increase the effectiveness of both.

Every part of your skin can benefit from azelaic acid. In addition to its ability to prevent breakouts on your face, it can minimize the appearance of body acne, too. If you ever get breakouts on your chest, shoulders, or back, using a gentle product with azelaic acid is a great way to prevent it. A formulation with 15% to 20% strength will be effective without irritating your skin.

You don’t have to live with the embarrassment of acne. Integrating an azelaic acid product into your skincare routine will keep your skin clear, and more importantly, it will support your overall skin health. If you struggle with other skin concerns such as hyperpigmentation or uneven skin tone, azelaic acid can help with these issues, too. Look for a product that’s formulated by a trusted brand. The quality of your product will have a big impact on how effective it is.  Don’t forget to incorporate hair growth supplements into your regimen as well for thicker, longer locks.

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