Reasons Why Homeowners May Need To Sell Their House Fast

In the UK, the property market is worth an estimated £68.6 billion, which consists of homeowners, individual and commercial domestic investors, and investors from overseas. Due to high demand, it is usefully relatively easy to sell a house fast. There are two main methods for selling a property: an estate agent or a property developer. An estate agent can take around 12 weeks, but property developers could buy it in as little as seven days in cash. But why might homeowners need to sell their homes fast?

Tight Financial Situation

Inflation hit a new high of 9.1% in a 40-year period, which will see interest rates rise in an attempt to stabilize. With stagnant salaries and more expensive monthly mortgage repayments, homeowners may feel a tight squeeze on their finances. Some homeowners may already be in mortgage arrears and must act before losing their entire property equity. In most cases, it is best to sell their house quickly to a property developer who pays in cash. This can prevent further arrears from accruing and stop unaffordable monthly mortgage repayments.

Unable to Sell Property via an Estate Agent

Some properties struggle to sell via an estate agent, and in most cases, it comes down to the issues with the property itself. These issues can discourage banks from lending people a mortgage, which most people looking for a home via an estate agent will need. According to Which? 16 types of homes will struggle to get a mortgage, including unapproved building works. In this case, it is often best to sell to a developer with cash as they are likely to be focused on rental income. For example, Crawford Homebuyers – – buys homes for cash in the Atlanta area. Look for a similar company in your area to move your property without an agent.

New Job Opportunity 

Life presents us with ample opportunities, especially when looking in the right direction. Some job opportunities require skilled and experienced employees to relocate. While companies offer relocation packages, in some instances, the new employees must sell quickly to buy a new property in the desired location. By selling to a property developer, they could get cash within as little as 7-days and for example, buy a house in Florida for sale without a chain. These types of transactions are very efficient.

Inherited Property

In most situations when a property is inherited, there is a bundle of emotions amongst several interested parties with different ideas about the property. And sometimes, selling inherited property quickly is the only way to cover costs associated with a funeral or the remainder of the mortgage, for instance. A family who has inherited the property that does not require the money often prefers to wait, while those who need it want to sell it quickly. These disputes result in unsold properties, and eventually, the parties decide to sell them in the fastest way to rid themselves of their emotions.

Don’t Want to Be a Landlord

Sometimes homeowners buy a second home or inherit one that they decide to let out to tenants. A newbie landlord can get themselves in a real pickle if they do not comply with legislation and regulations protecting tenants. For instance, promptly addressing issues with the property. Not only that, there is often increased financial stress, particularly if the landlord has a buy-to-let mortgage. When a tenant does not occupy the premises, the landlord pays the mortgage.

Couples Going Through Divorce

Couples going through a divorce are one of the most emotional events concerning a property because the one significant asset you have needs to be split with that person, as much as you hate or still love them. Sometimes it seems unfair because one party has contributed more than the other, and therefore, they want a more significant share. These disputes can sometimes lead to a quick sale to just start fresh.


Sometimes homeowners who have raised all their children who have gone off to do their own thing in the big wide world want to sell their house fast. This is because it can become very costly to maintain in terms of room upkeep, garden upkeep, and just heating bills alone. So, they want to sell it as quickly as possible to move into a smaller home that is much cheaper to maintain.

Owner Indifferences

If siblings or friends own property together, they may have different ideas and expectations about the property. These indifferences can lead to disputes between them. Sometimes, it is just easier to sell the property quickly so that the parties can go their separate ways. 


There are a number of reasons why homeowners may want to sell their property quickly, including tight finances, inability to sell, landlord issues, experiencing divorce, downsizing, and owner indifferences. While selling fast is an option, it is not always the best option.

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