Beauty Brilliance: 3 Tips To Pick The Glasses Best Suited For Your Face Shape

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If you aren’t able to see things that are close up or far away, then you would probably benefit from wearing glasses. However, the glasses that you see in the optometrist’s office might not be the style that you want to wear, especially if you’re younger. There are a few trendy styles that are available and a few tips to keep in mind so that you choose something that is suitable for the shape of your face no matter what color or design is available.

Contrasting Ideas

Instead of getting a pair of glasses that will match the shape of your face, find a pair that will contrast with the shape. It will help to balance the angles of the face as well as the finer details that are sometimes overlooked and prevent the face from being the same shape throughout. An example would be round glasses with a face that has angles or glasses that are more of a square or rectangular design if you have a round face. Your frames should also be in proportion with the rest of the face. Don’t get glasses that are too small because they can get lost with the other facial features or those that are too large because they can sometimes make the rest of the face seem larger as well.

Talk To An Expert

When you visit an eye doctor, find out about the latest styles that are offered. Ask about colors and some of the types of glasses that people your age get. You can also talk to the eye doctor, like the professionals at Evans, Robt. L Dr, about various shapes that would work well with your face and that won’t get in the way of seeing out of the glasses. While you’re at the office, the doctor will usually let you try on a few pairs until you find the right frame that suits your facial shape and that you would enjoy wearing during the day.

Coordinating Colors

One of the things that you might not think about when choosing glasses is the color. There are more colors available than just black or brown. You could get something that is a little brighter, such as blue or purple. Another option is to get gold or silver for a sophisticated look. Choose a color that will accent your features, such as your hair color and eye color.

When it’s time to get glasses, there are numerous design options available. Try on your frames before you make a final decision. Consider getting a few pairs so that you can change the design when you want.

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