The Most Loved Mehendi Designs That Every Woman Wishes to Try

Guest post contributed by Nirdesh Singh

Every Indian woman loves to put mehndi on her hands. Girls and ladies apply it mostly during any auspicious occasion such as engagement, wedding, karwa chaut, festivals and other traditional and cultural occasions. When getting ready for function, every woman wants her hands to look the best. There are some wonderful designs that are known to produce the best effect from your mehendi.

Types of Mehendi

Mehendi is bifurcated in two different groups such as bridal mehendi and non-bridal mehndi.

Bridal Mehendi

Mehendi is very important to a bride like other things such as ornaments, attire etc. The design of bridal mehendi is an elaborate and complex kind of design that is carved on her hands and feet of the bride. This is one of the most filling and attractive designs of all the other designs of mehndi. Generally, they are made by professional henna artists. These artists draw a mesmerizing mehendi design to make the bride look even more beautiful and attractive.

To get it carved in the most impressive way, services of a professional mehndi artist is taken. Sometimes a team of three to four artists are hired to draw the designs on the front and back side of the hands and feet. These designs are highly complicated, elaborate and intricate.

Non-bridal Mehendi

Such type of mehendi designs is worn by girls and women in traditional functions, festivals, and other cultural functions throughout the world.

Indian Mehendi

This type of mehendi is generally applied on Hindu festivals such as Holi, Diwali, Nagapanchami etc. They are auspicious designs and lasts for a minimum of a week on the hands of the woman.

Arabic Mehendi

This type of mehendi denotes the symbol of good fate, prosperity, and health in the Arab world. The plant of mehendi signifies positive vibrations around the person and act as a link to positive or negative ancient spirits.

These designs comprise of unique elements that are separated by small distance. The beauty of this mehendi design lies in the opposite colors i.e., pale color of the skin and the dark color of your mehendi. There are some Arabic designs of mehendi that are made to depict a story-telling art too.

Dubai or Rose Mehendi

As the name suggests this design consists of floral designs as their main focus. The concept of such mehendi design revolves around roses.

Marwari design

This type of mehendi design is very traditional and exhibits intricate style. To carve such beautiful designs, one requires use of experienced hands. These designs of mehendi involve highly detailed and elaborate designs, flower motifs, and other contemporary styles.

Mehendi has a global appeal and it is applied by people of different nationalities for its captivating and beautiful designs. Due to this reason not just in India, it has become a significant part of the rituals in Pakistan, Nepal, Arab nations, Bangladesh, and Maldives. These are some of the best and most desired mehendi designs that would look best on every hand and on every occasion. 

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