3 Ways to Shake Up Your Life for the Better

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Do you want to shake up your life in a positive way? If you’re looking to make some changes that benefit you, each of the ideas below can turn things upside down, and improve them.

Investigate House Hacking

If you’ve been wondering how to build wealth or specifically considered real estate investing but assumed you’d never have the money given that covering your own rent or mortgage isn’t easy, have you considered house hacking? It involves renting out extra space in your home, but if you’re cringing at the thought of adding a roommate, think again. In house hacking, you can opt for short-term rentals, which pay more and are less hassle than having a full-time tenant. 

You can even rent out your whole place as long as you have somewhere else to go for a few days. This is a new twist on an old concept, allowing you to cut your living expenses using property that’s already yours. With the average U.S. household spending nearly a third on housing costs, house hacking can substantially reduce those costs, help you become more financially independent, and give you some experience in property management.

Set Goals

If you’re like many people, you’re just kind of going through life. You may even have a job that you didn’t particularly want, you just took it because you needed one, and this was the company that called you back after an interview. Or maybe you’re in school, but you don’t really care for what you’re studying, and you aren’t sure what you’re going to do when you graduate. If life just feels aimless, what you may need is a goal. 

If you read anything about goals, you’ll probably encounter the idea that they need to be concrete and measurable. Your goal doesn’t have to necessarily relate to school or work. Maybe it’s to start an exercise routine, run a marathon, save up a certain amount of money or learn a new skill. In fact, starting small to get the hang of formulating and then working toward something is a great way to build up to bigger, life-changing goals.

Change a Bad Habit

Do you want to curb a shopping habit, stop procrastinating, or go to bed on time instead of staying up too late looking at your phone? Changing a bad habit can have reverberations beyond the habit itself. It can help teach you that you have more control over various aspects of your life than you think. There are a few things you need to do to change bad habits. 

First, observe and identify what makes you indulge in whatever the thing is. Where are you? How are you feeling? What time is it? This can help you figure out what cues are dangerous. Then, figure out a way to replace that good habit with something bad. Instead of shopping online, play a game. Instead of losing sleep looking at social media, make a rule about logging off an hour before bed and find a more relaxing activity for that time.


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