How To Prevent Tiles From Falling Off The Roof

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Snow has never really been an issue in the UK, with the odd year when people experience more than a few inches. Yet in Europe, snow guards are an essential feature to have on a property. While rainwater can run down the slope of a roof, snow sticks and this forms a solid foundation for more snow once that is a foot thick, it presents a danger, should it break away from the roof.

Bracketed Netting

Snow guards are fixed to the wall, under the guttering, with an upward bracket to fix the netting, and once in place, will capture snow, roof tiles, or anything else, preventing it from falling to the ground. If you search online, you can find wholesale snow and tile guards for roofs from a trusted supplier and they are very easy to install.

Durable Metal Fabrication

If you buy top-quality roof guards, they are made with metal, and once fitted, you can be sure of many years of trouble-free use. Rather than driving to a nearby builders’ merchant, ordering online is easy and a secure online payment sees the goods shipped to your home address.

Falling Roof Tiles

While there might not be too much snow in the UK, there are turbulent storms so roof tiles are easily dislodged during gale force winds. Once a roof tile is no longer attached, it will slide down the roof and crash to the ground and that could mean damage to your car and that could turn out to be very expensive. 

Powder Coated Colours

The brackets can be of a color that blends with the surroundings, making the guard almost invisible from the ground. When on the supplier’s website, check out the many images that demonstrate how the guards do not impact the overall appearance of the property, and choose an appropriate color to blend.

Choice of Widths

You can have a 9-inch or 6-inch guard and the kits come complete with all fittings, with the guards easy to cut to size, you can rest assured that you are protected from falling roof tiles or snow. Unless you live in a region that does have heavy snow, the 6-inch guard is adequate, as this prevents any debris from falling.

Falling Snow


12 inches of snow on a roof adds considerable weight and with the sun and wind, this soon becomes ice and eventually, it will yield to the force of gravity and come crashing down. If you have a large roof, this could be very extensive, yet with snow guards in place, the snow remains until it thaws. Global warming is happening and that doesn’t mean everywhere will become warmer. Indeed, experts predict that the UK and northern Europe will see heavy snow during extended winters, which is even more of a reason to install snow guards.


Once your snow guards are in place, you can rest assured that nothing will fall from the roof no matter how much snow you receive.

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  1. Do you have a diagram how to use/install netting to prevent snow from falling off roof?

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