Trees in Your Yard? How to Avoid 4 Common Issues

Many people incorporate trees into their landscape design. Trees can enhance the landscape and provide beneficial shade but they can also have some negative effects. Before planting trees in your yard, you should research the growth habits of various trees to determine how they will impact the landscape in the years ahead. If you’ve moved into a home where the landscaping includes trees, you should take note of the condition of the trees, their size and placement area to see if you need to take steps to eliminate or avoid common problematic issues that trees can cause.

Trees and Landscape Issues

Trees can cause issues with your lawn. You can’t enjoy a lush green lawn in a yard that receives too much shade. Pine trees drop needles that when left under the tree can kill the grass. With most trees, you’ll have fallen leaves to deal with each autumn. Unless you want to hire someone to rake leaves or want to spend your leisure time raking them yourself, you might want to invest in a high-quality cordless leaf blower from to take care of leaves, dirt, and problematic twigs.

Trees and Home Damage

If you have large trees near your home, you have an accident waiting to happen. Large limbs scraping across the roof can cause significant damage. Not only can they make the roof look unattractive, but they can also cause the roof to leak. That can lead to expensive home repairs. Large tree limbs can fall on your home during a severe summer storm or a winter ice storm. An event such as that can cause extensive damage to your home.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are typically not something you give a lot of thought to. They often fall into the category of “out of sight, out of mind.” However, those unseen roots can appear in places you don’t want them. They can push their way through walkways. They can cause foundation damage to your home. Tree roots can be problematic for water and sewer lines. Its best to remove trees before their roots begin damaging your property and to refrain from planting trees in areas where root-related problems can occur in the future.

Trees and Neighbors

Trees that are planted near the property line or that have limbs extending over the property line can cause disputes with your neighbor. Neighbor-related issues can get tense and complicated. To avoid continued conflict, the best option might be to hire a professional to keep the tree trimmed or to have the tree cut down or removed.

When you’re designing or updating a landscape, there’s a lot more to consider than just the aesthetics. It’s best to select plants, shrubs, and trees that are not invasive and not likely to grow large enough to cause damage to your home or conflict with your neighbors.

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