5 Tips to Keep Your Boyfriend Thinking About You

boyfriend thinking of girlfriend

Someone once said that women fall in love in a man’s presence, but men tend to realize they are in love in a woman’s absence. Whether you are in the early stages of your relationship, or just trying to keep the spark from dying out, it is completely normal to want your boyfriend to be missing you when you aren’t around.

To keep him thinking about you on such occasions, apply some of these 5 tips and he will crave for you even more than before.

Be mysterious

Men are curious by nature and they love to explore. They are easily attracted to private and mysterious women because they are interested in knowing what their deal is. The less they know about you, the more interested they are. Don’t tell your boyfriend everything there is to know about you right away. Keep your inner thoughts to yourself and reveal them gradually. The best way to at least pretend being mysterious is by staying off social media for a while. If you are frequently updating your status on Facebook or posting pictures on Instagram, then you aren’t leaving much to the imagination.  By keeping low-profile, you will attract his attention and make him wonder about you.

Wear a signature perfume

It is the truth universally acknowledged that our senses are the strongest powers that enable us to experience the world in its true form. Psychologists often point out the relation between our senses and brain. A certain smell can trigger a strong emotional reaction, awake our memories and remind us of our loved ones. To make sure you are always on your bae’s mind, select the most natural perfume, lotion or shampoo, the one whose scent he can easily pick up everywhere, and wear it every time you are together. The next time he catches the lovely smell of your perfume, it will most certainly bring all your memories back and make him think of you.

Leave something behind

Although they hide it very well, men can be quite sentimental at times. For example, when they stumble upon something that belongs to their loved ones, they are instantly reminded of all the times spent together. You can use this in your favor to keep him thinking about you throughout the day. You only have to accidentally-on-purpose forget something, like your lipstick or earrings, at his place or in his car. This will, without any doubt, make him think of you every time he sees the forgotten object.

Text him

Understandably you want to talk and share as much as possible with your boyfriend, especially in the early stages of the relationship. The easiest way to do this is through text messages. Try texting him in the morning so your message is the first thing he sees on his phone when he wakes up. Why not spice it up a bit, and send some text messages for him to wake up to. Tease him with texts and he won’t be able to resist thinking about you.

However, there are a couple of things you need to bear in mind when it comes to this communication.  It is important not to answer immediately to his texts because that implies you are available all the time which takes away the sense of longing. The longer you keep him waiting for a reply, the more often will your boyfriend check his phone and wonder about you. But this doesn’t mean it should take hours for you to respond to his texts. Find the perfect balance and play it cool. But don’t forget to reply as that would imply you are disinterested in him and could negatively reflect on your relationship.

Compliment him

Just like women, men like to be desired. It suits their ego. Although they don’t openly fish for compliments, they appreciate it when people from their surroundings praise them. It doesn’t have to be a compliment, it can be a simple and casual remark which will be imprinted on his mind and make him think about it. Pick one of his habits, like tucking his shirt in his jeans, or just the way he styles his hair in the morning. Be careful to select something that he usually does and repeats frequently, so the next time he decides to tuck his shirt, he will remember what you said and smile.

People don’t say in vain that absence makes the heart grow fonder. When you aren’t around your boyfriend, it is pertinent to be on his mind. With these simple but effective tips, you will make your boyfriend miss you and create a sense of longing which actually helps build a strong and healthy relationship.

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