The Aspects of Digital Photography That Make a Difference

Photography is as complex a hobby or profession as you make it but is helped by the many different types of cameras and accessories out there.

For instance, we can be aware that two principal sensor sizes are used in digital photography. It is a case of apsc vs full frame when it comes to making that decision. Full frame, as it suggests, means a slightly bigger sensor than with an APS-C sensor. The effect of this is that you are capturing more light and improving the quality of your image.

Thinking about the above, we shall consider some of the other aspects of photography that will make a difference now that we have the option of digital photography.

Lightweight Cameras

A digital camera will generally be lighter weight than a traditional one, which is why it is considered one of the best travel cameras. This makes it easier to carry around to different locations and also to keep still when it comes to avoiding camera shake. This is particularly important when there is zoom photography and things become more blurred over a distance without stillness and clarity.

Storage Capacity

Many more photographs can be taken with digital photography than would be practical using 35mm films. Because memory cards are used, the many images taken can be stored with little space taken up. Also, we do not need to store as many images because we can delete images as we go when the ones that do not make the grade can be immediately deleted.

As a rough guide, the different memory cards will hold the following number of images or photographs:

32 GB – 1,092

64 GB – 2,184

128 GB – 4,638

Individually, memory cards are tiny and many can be fitted into a small wallet. When videos are taken as well as still images, you will need to go for a storage capacity of at least 32 GB. There are memory cards available for 8 and 16 GB that hobbyists can make use of for stills. More memory will cost the photographer money.


In terms of their resolution, digital cameras prove sufficient for large prints. It is when everything is blown up that we discover just how good the camera in our hands is.

Resolutions with digital cameras will tend to range from 12 to 20 megapixels. High resolutions will give more pixels per inch (PPI). They give more pixel information and so will create a higher image quality and a crisper one. The effect of having a low resolution is that there will be too few pixels and so when the image is stretched, it will provide the photographer with a blurred image.

Extras with Digital Cameras

Many digital cameras will offer filters to their user, which are built-in.

Autofocus and auto exposure are both present in digital cameras. Photographers have the option of whether to use them. Professional photographers will often use autofocus when it comes to capturing shots quickly and easily. It is the final image that counts, not how much effort went into creating it. To make sure that the correct amount of light is obtained, which is key to the photograph, it is a nice feature to have auto exposure too.

With a digital camera, you can opt for different levels of optical and digital zoom built-in without needing separate lenses. It is the optical zoom that you need to be particularly concerned with as that is what is going to give you the quality when it comes to blowing up an image for say a glossy calendar or a birthday card. Digital zoom will crop out a subject and enlarge it. Ideally, look for 20x digital zoom.

We hope that the above will help you with your initial purchase or upgrade when it comes to your choice of digital camera. Many aspects do make a difference to photography in general and many of these are now due to the technological advances of digital photography.

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