Home Staging: 5 Design Elements To Incorporate From Around the World

First impressions are everything. According to research, prospective buyers form an opinion on a house within the first 10 seconds of stepping through the front door. Effective Toronto Home and Condo Staging can have a huge influence on that all-important first impression.  So you should consider taking an accredited course to become a home staging professional. In the meantime, here are five interior design ideas from around the world to take your staging to the next level. 

Morocco – Exotic Elegance

Moroccan interior design is simultaneously vibrant and luxurious, with rich jewel colors, abstract geometric patterns, and layered textiles that create an inviting atmosphere. Choose a color palette that is a mix of rich, contrasting tones and neutrals that naturally draw the viewers’ eyes. Accessorise with sumptuous fabrics, carved wood, and metalwork pieces. Moroccan lanterns with intricate metalwork or colored glass panels cast instant Marrakech riad vibes upon their surroundings. Choose seating that is informal and low to the ground, with rich upholstery and plenty of cushions. Hand-painted Moroccan tiles add charm to kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas. For a versatile option, Mosaic tiled tables are an ideal choice for indoor or outdoor use. To complete the experience, use warm spice-scented candles to add an extra layer of sensory immersion.

Scandinavia – 70s Inspired Hygge

Chic and understated yet warm and inviting, the Scandi style has been huge in recent years, and it isn’t showing any signs of going anywhere. The 70s take on this style features warm earth tones, light neutrals, and natural materials for a modern look with a rustic tinge. Keep things simple and minimalistic with decorative and functional kitchen and bathroom accessories. With light-reflecting neutrals as your base, choose one or two bolder accent colors for upholstery or decorative pieces. Glazed ceramics, cozy rugs, and hanging planters add to the Nordic charm. 

Italy – Memphis Group and Terrazzo

After the Mad Men-inspired Mid Century Modern interiors trend of the last few years, design sensibilities are giving way to more playful, quirky styles. In 1980s Italy, the Memphis Group deliberately rallied against the functional, “good taste” aesthetics of previous eras. Now, their colorful pop art, Art Deco, and kitsch-inspired designs are inspiring designers anew. While a full-on Memphis-style room might polarise potential buyers. You can still incorporate elements of the style for a vibrant, retro-contemporary look. Think statement pieces in bold contrasting colors, angular black and white patterns, and the surface du jour – terrazzo. The speckled composite material has been around for over 500 years, but its aesthetic inspired Memphis’s confetti patterns and will add an ultra-on-trend twist to floors, bathrooms, and countertops.

Japan – Zen Minimalism

Uncluttered, with clean lines and natural materials, Japanese design exemplifies quiet, unpretentious elegance. Neutral colors like white and beige form a backdrop for serene, practical living. Choose simple, low furniture pieces such as bar stools and tables, and minimal decorative items – less is more. Japanese design has a strong respect for nature. You can reflect this by carefully choosing natural light wood, bamboo, and stone objects and surfaces to complement your space. Include handmade ceramics and natural houseplants or bonsai trees to add to the zen atmosphere. Prioritize the functionality of the space. Use traditional paper shoji screens to divide rooms as needed without blocking sunlight. 

Mexico – Vibrant and Rustic

Mexican interior styles feature bright, tropical colors and rustic elements for a look that is lively and energetic yet soulful and welcoming. Balance accent walls in bold turquoise, hot pink, or warm earth and fire tones with more neutral tones and natural materials. Handwoven textiles with indigenous geometric patterns or animal designs add rustic charm to walls, floors, and upholstery. Lighten up the space with handmade glass or tin light fixtures for a cozy atmosphere. To add to the cozy vibe, you can decorate with leather pieces and cacti and succulents in earthy terracotta pots. Colorful, intricately patterned tiling adds a touch of colonial charm to bathrooms, walls, and kitchen backsplashes. 


Author’s bio:

Johanna Cider is a freelance writer from beautiful Wellington, New Zealand. She enjoys traveling to new places. Traveling helps inspire Johanna’s home improvement passion project. Follow her blog to see more of her published works.



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