How to Find the Perfect Kitchen Style for You

Your kitchen can say a lot about your home and a sleek, stylish kitchen could make the entire residence appear very attractive, even if other rooms aren’t quite as spectacular as you might like. If you’re planning to remodel your kitchen and you’re trying to find the right style for it, this infographic from Australian Stone offers a very useful and visually pleasing guide.

If you’re not quite sure where to start, then start with white. This neutral tone mixes well with pretty much any colour and is very easy to customise so that it suits the style you’re seeking. If you’d simply like to go with an all-white kitchen, that’s totally fine, as this usually carries off a classy, luxurious look.

When exploring ideas for styling your kitchen, be sure to keep a scrapbook so that you can easily reference anything you find. Some people like the time-honoured feel of a physical scrapbook; others prefer the more contemporary approach of Pinterest. After a while, it’s likely that you’ll notice a recurring theme in the ideas that you’ve kept, so that could lead you to the style that best suits you and your home.

Then there’s the less glamorous aspect of planning a kitchen redesign – the money. Before you become enamoured with your dream design, be pragmatic and evaluate whether you have the budget for it. It’s a good idea to establish your budget before you start looking at potential styles and the general recommendation is to budget for 15% of your home’s overall value. This is usually generous enough to allow for an aesthetically brilliant design while also keeping a reasonable cap on your expenditure.

Check out the infographic in full below.

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