13 Valentines Day Gifts for Friends and More

Unique Valentines Day Gifts for the Friend Zone

Valentines Day has always been a different kind of holiday for me. When I was younger the thought of getting flowers from a special someone to say “I love you”, seemed like the most romantic thing ever. Fast forward a few years and these days… when my sweet hubby was sweeping the floors and making sure the dishes were done while I had the flu – he’s never been more sexy. It’s funny how time changes us like that. Flowers don’t even make my top 10 list for gifts anymore – they die! Give me a gift that will be here next month and I will be a happy camper. 

I realize Valentine’s day can be stressful for some of us who find ourselves on the “not quite sure where this is headed but I want to find out” side of a relationship. I’ve compiled a list of Valentine’s Day gifts that make a great gift even if you’re “just friends” for now. 

The Worm Full Body Massage Roller

Give the gift of relaxation with this full-body massage roller. It’s totally portable and works wonders on tired achy muscles!

Trust me I know – after a week of the flu this little gem was a life saver!

Massage Rolle

Raw Hyd Leather Wallet

This wallet is super fashionable and such a great size. I love the wristlet feature – I can grab it and go.

They have gift options for men and women! Go check them out.

Leather Wallet

Axol And Friends

This is perfect for the kiddos on your list, or a certain someone your kiddo has their eye on.

These plushies are so soft. Add the leather carry along bag you have yourself a super gift fit for any kid on your list.

Plushies for Valentines Day

Beef Jerky Heart from Man Crates

My middle man child is going to flip over this one. He loves jerky… Valentines Day not so much.

I do believe this little heart is going to change his mind on the latter! 

Beef Jerky

Bath Tray from Smart Ideas 4 Life

My main squeeze has been using this caddy as a “desk” while I’ve occupied his office/our bedroom

with the flu this week. He absolutely loves it! So versatile and gorgeous too!

Bath Caddy

Swiss Army Knife

This one goes to my middle guy as well. What a perfect gift for the guy who’s impossible to buy for. 

The engraving adds a special touch to make it a little more intimate.

Pocket Knives

McCrea’s Caramels

You knew we had to go there. Valentines Day just isn’t complete with at least a little something to satisfy our sweet tooth!

These Caramels from McCrea’s are absolutely divine!

Chocolates for Valentines Day

Cutesy Skunk from Jacques Torres

This skunk absolutely won my heart. This little guy will be finishing up my middle mans

Valentines Day Gift. So cute and yummy too!

Cute Valentines Gifts

Goodie Basket from Jacques Torres

A basket filled with these goodies will brighten anyone’s Valentines Day! Chocolate, Cookies, and more!

Sounds like a winner to me!

Valentines Goodies

Blue Light Protection Glasses from Gunnar Optiks

In this ultra electronic age, this is one Valentines Day Gift that will truly keep giving. Help protect

those beautiful eyes you love looking into!

Blue Light protection

Paperweight from Innovative Supplies

This pretty paperweight is the perfect gift for “just a friend” or someone you’d like to become a 

little more! So pretty and practical too.

Paper Weight

Phone Accessories from Velvet Caviar

Everybody has some kind of smart device these days. Getting a pretty case or grip and stand will

bring a smile to anyone’s face. Velvet Caviar has some super cute options!

Phone accessories

Personalized Tea from Design a Tea

Days just go better when you start it out with a nice cup of piping tea. What could be better? How about

a personalized tea experience. Choose the tea and the message with this tea from Design a Tea!

Personalized Valentines Gifts


What is your favorite Valentines Day gift to give and receive? 

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  1. I love these ideas. I’d be all about the meat. Yum! I make it easy for my husband and just ask for chocolate.

  2. I agree about flowers. And I love the worm massager. I had not heard of blue light protection glasses. So cool!

  3. These are some really great ideas for Valentine’s gifts! I like the idea of giving such little gifts to our friends. 🙂

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