5 Revitalizing Must Haves for Heated Summer Pregnancies

While being pregnant can sometimes feel like a big pain, whatever the season, summer tends to be particularly hard on a parent-to-be. If you’re feeling like one sweaty mass of pregnancy, it might be time to find one of these summer must haves for a little mid-heatwave revitalization.

Change of Clothes

Don’t just switch up the outfit you’re wearing, look at the contents of your clothing. Jeans are no go in the summer heat, but cottons and linens will help you keep it light and breezy, and you can replace the denim in your life with a much more breathable chambray. Plan in advance for the weather—it’s easier to layer up with a light wrap than it is to cool off in heavier clothes.

Cool Drinks and Rehydration

It’s time to invest in that blender you’ve always wanted. Keeping yourself cool with smoothies is a good place to start, but it’s also important to stay hydrated. If you’re worried about your water intake but sick of the nothing taste, try chopping fruits to make it flavored, or picking up a flavor packet and doubling the amount of water recommended.

Chill Space

Is your home ready to handle a full summer load? Make sure your air conditioning system is up and running. If it’s not, call for an AC repair as quickly as possible. If your Jersey Shore home has a broken unit look to see if your NJ homeowners insurance will cover it. Providing yourself with a chill-safe space will get increasingly important as the nights get shorter and the days get hotter. You’ll need somewhere to get away. Dehydration can lead to a lot more than discomfort. You need to be able to be comfortable to rest, and heal as you grow. 

Sweet Suits

Taking a dip is one of the best parts of summer, but it can be tricky to hit the beach if you’re not feeling all that comfortable in your own skin. While you can totally rock your bikini body, there are other options for maternity for you. Cover or uncover as much as you’re comfortable with, and remember to keep reapplying skin protection. However you decide to dress, having a swimsuit that makes you feel and look good is a great way to boost you up and beat the heat.

Refreshing Snacks

Watermelon is another good way to keep yourself hydrated and cool during the summer months. If watermelon is not your thing, try freezing some grapes as snacks or ice cubes. You can also try making yourself a homemade ice pop with your favorite fruit juice, or combine some yogurt and fruit in a popsicle mold for a tasty, healthy treat. It can be hard to stay hydrated on water alone, so make sure you’re upping the water quotient of your snack content.

Summer pregnancies might not be the best, but they don’t have to be a total bummer. Keeping yourself cool will help you keep your head, and might even make the whole experience seem a little fun.

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