Stay at Home Mums are Some of The Best Charity Givers in The World

When you tell someone ‘I’m a stay at home mum,’ you will get mixed reactions. Some think stay at home mums are lazy, while others think of them as heroes who have decided to put their families first. Whatever the opinion, the number of stay at home mums today is at an all-time high and will most likely increase.

For many women, the convenience of being at home and the realization that they can still make money at the comfort of their homes is a golden opportunity. Many stay at home mums make good money, even enabling them to have enough to give to charity. Even those who are not making as much money still give to charities.  A worthy charity that needs to receive more support is

Women are givers

Women love, they nurture, and they are full of empathy. Many women today involve themselves in many charitable causes compared to their male counterparts. According to a study done by the Institute of Fundraising in the UK, 54% of women compared to 40% of men gave to charity. Women still give significantly more even when their income is equal to or less than that of men.

Stay-at-home mums love to invest in family

No one knows the challenges a child faces more than a stay at home mum. She watches as her children grow, provides them with proper nutrition, and ensures they are in good health. She also helps them with their homework and teaches them the values of life. She knows the pain of a sick and hungry child and the joy of a happy and content child.

A stay at home mum experiences the challenges and joys of raising a child. She can, therefore, relate to other children who lack proper nutrition, healthcare, education and other problems that children in charitable homes face. Her empathy is more likely to see her donate to a cause that will change the lives of the disadvantaged.

More stay at home mums are making money

With the popularization of freelancing, more mums are more than happy to stay at home and make money as they watch their kids. Freelancing can pay-off quite well even to hundreds of dollars when done right. With such an income, what would keep these mums from giving back to society? Apart from freelancing, stay home mums also involve themselves in other money-making activities like providing day-care services and filling online surveys.  There is no limit to what stay at home mums can do to get some extra cash to give.

Stay at home mums have time to join giving circles

Being a stay at home mum grants you extra time for most activities. Women love forming circles that can help them find ways to earn more, as well as create awareness about certain causes and provide solutions. Giving back to society through donations to charity work is one of those causes.

Women are motherly. They seek to make the best of the community and the people around them. Stay at home mums have become top givers because they relate more to family challenges. They also have more time to create circles that can help reduce societal problems. Today, there are also many avenues for stay at home mums to be financially productive at home.


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