5 Important Tips To Care For Safety Boots

Manufacturing units invest in the safety of their workers. Safety boots are one such investment of the companies. They are essential for any laborer who works in extreme conditions in tight situations. There are several challenges that any worker undergoes, and their life is at risk on most of the occasions. This is why helmets and boots are essential from the safety point of view. The boots might appear to be heavy. However, they are designed to deal with any kind of physical challenges like spills and shocks. The job does not end in buying the boots and making the worker wear it. One has to care for it and maintain them, as well.

Tips to maintain the safety boots for a long time:

#1. Cleaning Regularly:

While the workers work in extreme heat or cold, there will be a lot of dirt and grime around. Not to mention how much the sweat can cause irritation. Hence, it is important to clean the safety boots on a regular basis. If there are chunks of dirt locked in the sole of the boots, immediately clean it. There are several boot cleaning solutions available, which can help you clean them effectively. However, if you do not want to spend a lot, you can clean it with lukewarm water and mild soap. Cleaning the boots regularly can help you maintain the right levels of hygiene.

#2. Waterproofing the Boots:

It is the job of the employer to get the safety boots waterproofed before offering them to the workers. If the boots are new, you can get them waterproofed before breaking into it. However, if you are looking at the used boots, then you will have to get them cleaned first. Make sure the soles are brushed thoroughly and the insides of the boots are cleaned too. Unless they are neat and clean, you should not get them waterproofed, as it will only waste your money.

#3. Store in Airy Space:

If you know that the safety boots will not be worn for a long time, then you should clean and store them in an airy space. Even if the worker is using the boots on an everyday basis, you should ask him to take out some time and place it in an open space. This will make sure that the internal part of the shoe that tends to be exposed to the sweat gets some air to dry. Not placing it in an open space can lead to sweat accumulation and later on lead to skin irritation and other such conditions.

#4. Do Not Dry on Heat:

There will be times when the safety boots are exposed to spills or bad weathers. In such situations, one should clean the shoes thoroughly and allow them to dry naturally. Placing them around hot areas like fireplaces will compromise the features of the boots. Next time when there is a spill, they would not be as effective, as they were for the first time. In addition, you will notice that the look and fitting change if you place the boots around heat.

#5. Check on the Boots Condition:

Each product comes with a warranty and a shelf life. The same applies to the safety boots. You will have to keep checking on the condition of the boots to be sure that they are still durable to work on field or sites. No matter how well you maintain the boots, you will have to keep a tab on how long the worker has been using it. Most importantly, if they are worn out from accidents or spills, then you should be getting them changed at the earliest.

When you look at these features, you will not find it tough to take care of the safety boots.


Contributed by Ashley Kinsela

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