7 Top Reasons Why Dogs Are So Loyal

Many people love dogs, but even the most knowledgeable dog owners often wonder why dogs are so loyal? The truth is there are many reasons why dogs are extremely loyal to humans. The top reasons why dogs are so loyal are: 

1. Food

One of the main reasons dogs are loyal to humans is because they rely on us for food. It’s worth mentioning that it is believed that wolves would go out to look for food sources in areas where humans were hunting because they knew there was a good chance that they would be able to scavenge whatever the humans would leave. It’s widely believed that dogs are descendants of wolves, which would explain why it is ingrained in them to rely on humans for food. 

Also, one of the first ways puppies are introduced to humans is via food. This means dogs are exposed to human interaction from a very early age. They quickly associate food with humans. 

2. Shelter

Not only have dogs associated food with humans from a very early age, but they also associate humans with shelter. Dogs know that shelter is a good way to protect themselves from the outside elements, weather elements, and dangers they would face in the wild. The bottom line is when a dog is given shelter; they tend to have a natural loyalty to the main person providing it to them. 

The shelter also reduces stress levels for dogs. Most loyal dog breeds tend to feel comfortable and at ease when they are in a home with the person, they are familiar with. This is another reason why they are extremely loyal to humans. 

3. Walks

When people get a dog, they usually bond with it via walks. Most dogs, like the Havanese Dog enjoy going on walks with their owners, which plays a role in strengthening the bond between dogs and their owners. In turn, they become fiercely loyal to the owners or to whoever is giving them a regular walk. 

It’s worth pointing out that walks aren’t the only way humans and dogs’ bond, as exercising and interaction, in general, can strengthen the bond and increase loyalty among their dogs. For example, if you got a dog and played with them regularly and run around with them in the yard a few times per day, this would also strengthen the bond between you and your dog. 

4. Pack Mentality

Dogs naturally have a pack mentality, and this is due to them being related to wild dogs and wolves. Wolves are notorious for having a pack mentality, and part of that mentality is knowing what dog/wolf is higher ranked. Generally speaking, there is the dominant wolf, followed by a second in charge and so forth.

Fast forward to the present day, and most dog breeds still seem to have the hierarchy mentality. If you get a dog, they will usually recognize other family members as higher-ranking members of “the pack” while recognizing their owner as the top leader. This is another reason why dogs are naturally loyal to humans.  

5. Attention

Let’s not forget to mention that dogs love receiving attention. They might not understand why humans give them attention at times, but they do love getting it. However, dogs love being praised by their owners, which is why they respond while training. For example, you might notice that positive reinforcement is one of the best ways to get dogs to perform new tricks, and this is because they love the praise they get after learning how to do what they’re being taught.

6. Affection

Generally speaking, dogs have feelings, and they enjoy showing affection, and they enjoy receiving affection. Building up a bond with a dog does take time, but once that bond is created, you can bet the dog will love showing affection in various ways. Many experts and researchers firmly believe dogs have feelings and can, and purpose does, express their feelings. It’s no wonder why dogs are extremely loyal to people. 

7. Embedded In Them

Finally, it could naturally be embedded in them. As dogs have descended from wolves and as time has gone by, more and more people started to domestic dogs for various purposes, both so they could be pets or be used as working dogs. It has been a long time since dogs have become domesticated, and now it is instilled in them to recognize humans as a “friend” of their species. 


Dogs are very loyal to humans for many other reasons, but the above are the top seven reasons they are extremely loyal to humans. Remember, dogs may be loyal, but you still need to train them properly, and you need to treat them right if you decide to get one as a pet. Now you know why dogs are so loyal.

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