5 Farmhouse Chic Upgrades That Will Make You Go Yehaaw

The words warm, cozy, practical and natural can be used to describe the farmhouse chic style. Homes designed in the farmhouse style exude charm and character. They include elements that are a nod to the past ideally blended with up-to-date fixtures, materials, and accessories. When making farmhouse chic upgrades to your kitchen, you have lots of opportunities to showcase your unique interpretation of farmhouse design.


Granite is a popular material of choice for countertops in a farmhouse kitchen. Dark colored granite can add warmth to the kitchen design. Upgrading to wood countertops is another way to achieve the farmhouse chic look. The upgrades you do should be conducive to your cooking style and personal design style. If you choose to do so, you can include a mix of granite and wood countertops in your kitchen.


The most popular finish for farmhouse cabinets is paint. Typically, neutral colors and colors that reflect natural elements are used for farmhouse chic cabinets. Reclaimed wood with a natural finish is often used as cabinetry material in a farmhouse kitchen. Open shelves are often used as a functional design element in farmhouse kitchens. Unique decorative details such as the use of chicken wire on cabinet fronts are a great way to put your personal touch on the design. Glass front doors that allow a collection of vintage dishes or collectibles to become kitchen art also work well in a farmhouse kitchen.


When upgrading your kitchen, flooring may be one of the first projects you consider. Flooring with a matte or natural finish fits well into a farmhouse décor. Wide planks add an authentic appearance to your kitchen and can make the room look larger. Laminate that looks like wood is another possible flooring option. A farmhouse chic décor can be achieved using tile or linoleum flooring in a retro design such as a black and white checkered pattern.


Replacing the sink is probably high on your list of upgrades. It’s a logical upgrade when you’re replacing countertops. Farmhouse style sinks are available in a variety of finish options. Copper sinks are a popular choice for farmhouse kitchens. Farmhouse sinks are reflective of times passed when a large kitchen sink was necessary to accommodate the cooking style of that era. They are also a convenient style of sink today.


You have an excellent opportunity to showcase your unique design style with the lighting you choose for your farmhouse chic kitchen. Your options range from a farmhouse chandelier that features mason jars in its design to a copper cage pendant light. If you’ve chosen a copper sink as part of your design, including copper lighting would add cohesiveness to the décor.

Once you’ve finished upgrading the design elements in your kitchen, you can accentuate the character of your kitchen by including unique accessories. Natural décor such as plants, baskets and wall art that reflects elements of nature are good choices. Repurposed items such as a rake repurposed as a wine glass holder or creative use of egg baskets, crates and other farm items can add a personal touch to your décor.

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