5 Comfortable Tips to Surviving a Summer Pregnancy

Even though the journey can be filled with its fair share of ups and downs, pregnancy is a blessing. There are so many people who long to bring a child in the world. It can be very challenging for so many women to get pregnant. The fact that you’re expecting is a wonderful thing. However, it can get pretty uncomfortable if you’re pregnant during the summer months. In order to beat the heat, consider these five tips.

Try to Wear Light, Breathable Fabrics

When you’re feeling hot, it’s always helpful to enjoy the ease of layers. Wear breathable fabrics like cotton. Comfortable fabrics like linen and silk can work as well. If you’re working in an office building, wear a blazer or sweater that you can take off as you begin to get warm.

Stay Hydrated

Follow your doctor’s orders regarding your water consumption. Consider purchasing a refillable water bottle to carry around every day. You can add lemon slices, mint leaves or cucumbers to infuse flavors. You can also remain hydrated by eating water-rich foods like watermelon and strawberries. Enjoy them as snacks that you keep at your desk during the workday.

Walk with a Fan

Whether you’d like to use the church fan or a battery-operated option, keep a fan nearby at all times. If you ever feel a heat wave, you can easily pull out your fan to cool yourself down. You can purchase an inexpensive fan at your local discount store.

Take Regular Dips in the Pool

One of the fun pastimes of the summertime is swimming. While many pregnant women might feel unsure of their growing belly, embrace the changes. Find a sassy bathing suit that shows off your bump. Cool off by swimming in the pool. You’ll be able to get some exercise in as swimming provides an excellent aerobic workout.

Stay near the A/C

Do your best to avoid the midday heat. During the summer months, it’s typically cooler in the early morning and late evening. If you’d like to exercise by taking a walk outside, you can do so during those two times. Otherwise, call for air conditioning repair so that you can remain cool insider. There is already so much discomfort around pregnancy that you can’t control. Make sure you fix what you can.

As you implement these five tips, you’ll be able to get through the hottest summer ever. By the time the fall comes, you’ll be able to relax a little more before the baby comes. Just remember to hang in there. Before long, you’ll be welcoming the holiday season with a new baby to snuggle with.

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