The Cleaning Checklist You Need in Your Life

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We all like clean homes, but unfortunately, we lack time to regularly maintain and organize our living space. However, that is a problem that can easily be remedied with some cleaning tactics that will keep your home neat and won’t take too much of your free time. Namely, you will need the cleaning checklist that will help you stay on top of your chores and plan how to do them.

You can read more suggestions on what to include in this cleaning checklist. 

Define chores by their frequency

When you think about the cleaning process, you probably get overwhelmed by all the chores it entails. However, you don’t have to do them all at once and some are even seasonal so you will do them once in three months. So, before you scare yourself with the presumed amount of work, make a list of chores and their frequency.

For example, you may dust every three days, wash the windows once a week and declutter twice a year such as spring and winter. Washing the dishes and making the bed fall under everyday chores, and if performed that way they will take not more than half an hour of your time. This will help you to spend less time cleaning and give you the maximum results at the same time.

Concentrate on tasks, not on the area

Room by room strategy is functional, but it also has its downfalls like the cleaning taking too long or you might quit after a few rooms. This is why concentrating on the task rather than the area may have a more beneficial outcome. For example, if you need to vacuum the whole home, place the task on your checklist and avoid a room by room schedule.

Some tasks are much more efficient if done on the whole-home basis then dividing them into areas. Dusting, vacuuming and tidying up will help you keep your house clean completely and eliminate the dirt in one sweep. Once you divide your chores into frequencies, you will more easily manage cleaning by tasks.

Don’t be afraid of being thorough

Thorough cleaning is the most dreaded activity, but with the right checklist it is easily manageable and it won’t take long. This type of cleaning is not something you will do often, so you can also hire professional service like Simply Spotless Cleaning to take the work off your shoulders on occasion. Most commonly, thorough cleaning is done in spring and winter, but also you can do it for special events like a party or wedding reception.

Before such demanding work, you need to examine your home top to bottom and include chores like gutter cleaning, façade washing and dusting the walls. Basically, you will need to cover every nook and cranny like the top of the cupboard, behind the appliances and big-scale decluttering. This will also include washing the appliances like towing the fridge and washing the carpets or taking care of your backyard like mowing the grass and planting. However, some people include small renovations like wall painting in their big cleaning checklist, so consider doing the same to get it all done more efficiently.

Plan your cleaning agents

While the easiest way to choose a cleaning agent is to go and buy them from the store, it might not be the healthiest. Many cleaning agents are toxic and they can cause damage to your skin, eyes and even respiratory problems when their vapors are inhaled. The equally efficient and healthy way to clean your home is with eco-friendly agents like different mixtures made from white vinegar, lemon juice, salt, and baking soda.

The mixture made from lemon juice, baking soda, a little bit of dishwashing liquid and water is great for cleaning the bathtub, sink and faucets, and it also smells fresh. White vinegar and baking soda paste are perfect for stubborn stains like those in the ovens, on the stove and kitchen sink. This is why every checklist should include ingredients necessary for the cleaning process, as well as what equipment you may need. Also, don’t forget to include maintenance of the equipment in the cleaning checklist like emptying the vacuum cleaner, dusting off the broom and washing the clothes.  


Having the cleaning checklist in place will help you better organize your time and do all the necessary chores to have a tidy and clean home. Just take your time in order to not forget a task, but also make sure that you included necessary equipment and cleaning agents in the list. The more comprehensive the checklist, the cleaning will go more smoothly and efficiently without giving you grief.

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