Add LIBMAN to Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

We had a few warm days last week that inspired me to do a little spring cleaning.  I was able to open the windows and allow the fresh air to flow in through the house. It felt good to give the house a good deep cleaning.  I’ve discovered that cleaning is no longer a chore when you have the right tools made by Libman

About Libman

For over 120 years, the Libman family has made quality their utmost priority. William Libman started The Libman Company in 1896 with one mission; to make the finest, most durable wire-wound corn brooms. William’s sons, grandsons and great grandchildren have since expanded that mission today to include fine mops, brooms, brushes and exceptional cleaning tools. 

Just in time for spring, Libman has released their new Spin Mop and Bucket. The Deep Cleaning Microfiber mop can be wrung out by placing the mop head into the spin chamber. Simply wring the mop head 1-3 times to leave more water in the mop head for heavier jobs. Or, you may wring the mop at least 5 times for a lighter airy mop head that is safe for laminate floors. You can machine or hand wash the mop head after use and lay flat to dry. 

The bucket is so convenient and includes a sturdy handle for carrying. My kids were actually fighting over who was going to get to mop first! I’m in awe.

The Spin Mop is exceptional, however, there are many more Libman cleaning products to add to your spring cleaning checklist. I promise you’ll want them all!

  • Libman All Purpose Non Scratch Sponge

  • Libman Concentrated Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner in Citrus Scent – Works inside the Libman Freedom! Spray Mop or squeeze into your Spin Mop Bucket and add water. 
  • Libman Precision Angle Broom with Dustpan 

  • Libman Freedom! Floor Duster with special comb to remove debris. The Duster head is machine washable up to 100 times! Perfect for picking up hair, dirt, and dust. 

  • Libman Big Feather Duster
  • Libman Designer Bowl Brush and Caddy
  • Libman Tile & Tub – Did I mention my shower has never been cleaner?!
  • Libman Heavy Duty Scrub Brush – This brush is great for so many things. I hear it even cleans cast iron skillets!

Storing your cleaning supplies is a breeze with Libman products. They can easily be hung on a peg board or hook for easy storage. Libman takes pride in making innovative products that make our lives easier and more convenient.

The Libman Company is committed to environmental sustainability. They have implemented the GreenSteps™ program that includes a recycling program, green products, conservation, and eco-awareness. Which product(s) will you choose for your next cleaning project? 

Find Libman Products at a store near you, here.

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  1. Always good to keep a few scrub sponges around… kitchen and bathrooms are prone to messes. Pots and pans are problems, so non-scratch sponges are ideal.

  2. I feel like I used to hear the Libman name when I was a child. While I don’t like mopping or anything dealing with floor cleaning, I like to effectively do it if I have to. Thanks for sharing this!

  3. Libman has some really great products. It is always great to have a non-scratch sponge. I will be buying their products.

  4. Oo I was already ready for some spring cleaning and now I think I need to start right now haha! There’s just something therapeutic about cleaning things thoroughly and properly. 🙂

  5. I just love using the Libman products in our home. They are so affordable and they really get the job done!

  6. I’ve never used a Libman cleaning tool but friends have and they swear by them. I love the groves they have on the sponges, its definitely a complaint I see on other brand sponges. Def need to check out some of there products from now on.

  7. Libman products work very well, I have some of there dish sponges right in the kitchen! We also have that broom. I need to get a mop from them, thanks for sharing!

  8. Any items that make cleaning easier and less of a chore are always appreciated. These look like good products to use when getting some spring cleaning done.

  9. I have not heard of Libman products before this. I will have to purchase the non scratch sponges.

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