Losing Baby Teeth: Things Parents Should Know

Kids will lose their baby teeth as they grow up. This a natural and predictable process. There will be no pain when the tooth is lost. And yes, the new permanent tooth will come through to fill the space and complete the cycle. However, parents need to know how to take care of the gums and the new tooth to handle a natural process in a comfortable manner. You should also know the timetable for the teeth coming in and falling out to care your little one better. Sometimes, things, however, don’t follow that predictable a trajectory for which you should be ready in advance.

Here are a few things parents should know about losing baby teeth 

1  Will those baby teeth fall out naturally?   

The first 20 teeth your child has are their baby teeth. They are also known as primary, milk or deciduous teeth. Kids generally start losing these teeth around age 5 or 6 and they lose of all them – over a period of time – till they reach 12. In general, their teeth are lost in the same pattern as they come through, and a major reason for their natural falling is the force created by the permanent tooth. All kids would go through this process and lose their pearly white gems that so beautifully capture the joys of childhood.  

2  Can kids lose a tooth too soon?

Parents should not expect their kids to lose their baby teeth on a schedule. In some cases, the process does not follow the predictable schedule. So, if the kid loses one or more teeth early, you should consult a dentist and check if this is due to some dental complications. An orthodontist can check cause behind the premature loss of the tooth. Age and location of the tooth will also matter as based on the problem, there may a need for interceptive treatment. So, as a parent, you should be ready for the situation when your kid may lose his/her tooth prematurely.

3  What if an accident made the tooth fall out?

Kids are so restive that you can’t rule out them being met with some minor accident and got their tooth knocked loose. If that happens, you should focus on easing the pain by applying a cold compress to the mouth. And then you should take the child to the dentist. Signs of swelling, bleeding or infection may also appear on the teeth site. In such cases, the dentists generally don’t prefer the re-implant route out of the fear of permanent damage to teeth structure in the future. So, your kid will have no option but to wait for the new tooth to come.  

4  Can the teeth stay longer than usual?

It’s very much possible that the baby tooth does not come out usual. It can stay there for longer than what is predictable and this should not worry you at all. There will be scenarios when the teeth won’t loosen up and thus, they have to be pulled to let the permanent one move into the place. Some teeth, even if retained, won’t pose any problem but you should consult the dentist about the same. In fact, a retained baby molar will not pose any issue even in adulthood as this happens in some cases. So, you can be worry-free even if some tooth does not fall out timely.   

In overall, parents should know the pattern and trends with losing baby teeth for batter care. And yes, there are clear braces NYC to align or straighten the teeth in kids and adults alike at any age.


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