Home Remedies to Keep Away Kitchen Mice

Kitchen mice are a common concern for property owners, and in this article, we aim to give you a proper, and thorough guide to keeping them away. We’ll talk a bit about how to keep them away, but first, let’s see just what’s attracting mice to your kitchen.

Why are there mice in the kitchen?

Pests are attracted to human dwellings for a number of reasons, but mainly, it’s because they’re there looking for three things: food, water, and shelter. And unfortunately, your kitchen has all three, particularly during the cold winter. Since you do all your cooking in the kitchen, it’s likely to have more warmth than other areas of the house, thanks to your oven. It’s also a great source of food for unwanted rodents. As for water, there’s also a fair number of spills going on inside the kitchen, so basically, it’s 3/3 for these rodents.

So how can you keep them away?

There are a number of answers to this question, depending on who you ask. There is, of course, a more professional approach that involves contacting a wildlife removal company. Not only can these professionals get rid of undesirable wildlife for you, but they can also inspect your home, and advise you on things you’re doing wrong. This can help you take active steps towards prevention.

So if you’re interested in learning more about that, why not call a professional wildlife removal company like Nuisance Wildlife Pros.

Home Remedies for Pests

There are, of course, things you could do on your own to deter wildlife, and rodents in particular, from bothering you. Of course, the first thing you’ll need to do here is to do your research. In battle, a general will want to know as much as he can about the enemy before devising a plan. And you should adopt the same mindset in your battle against rodents. So read up on what’s attracting rodents, what types of rodents there are, and more – visit kitchenmice.com to learn more about kitchen mice and what’s attracting them.

1. Kitty Litter

Naturally, rodents are not stupid. They’re far less likely to enter a property that reeks of cats than one that does not, right? This is why one of the most efficient steps you can take to safeguard your property against mice is to actually get yourself a cat since its presence will deter rodents from getting in. 

But failing that, there are specialty stores that sell feline urine, which you can scatter over litter, to give the impression of having a cat, without actually having one. The scent alone may keep rodents at bay.

2. Try apple cider vinegar

ACV has a myriad of fun uses, not least of which is keeping rodents away. This harsh, unpleasant scent, when sprayed around the edges of your kitchen, walls, and the like, might work to deter rodents from approaching. Though like most DIY pest-proofing methods, you will want to reapply it regularly, to keep the scent fresh and pungent enough to work its magic.

3. Seal cracks with steel wool

As we mentioned, cracks in the walls, roof, or structure are the equivalent of an open invitation for rodents, so you’ll want to fix them ASAP. When doing that, make sure you use a material like steel wool that rodents can’t chew through.

4. Fabric softener

An alternative to steel wool is, interestingly enough, a sheet soaked in fabric softener. Since mice can’t stand the smell, this is as good a deterrent as any, with the added benefit that it’ll keep your home smelling nice and fresh all the time!

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