Assured Tips On Finding The Best Granny Flat

While investing in real estate is a great idea, but apart from that you might sometimes be in need of some extra space as well. And if you can buy a granny flat, it is one of the best and most elegant ways of not only acquiring some good space but also adding more value to the property. When choosing a design of the granny flat, you can take the most important decisions like whether it will be detached from your present dwelling or attached to it. Building the best granny flats is not that difficult if you have good designers and clear requirements. You can have a granny flat made for a young adult, an elderly person, or even as a guest space. 

Keep The Room Sizes In Mind

Before you start the building process, make sure that you have the ideal planning for the best granny flats. You have to make sure that you know the dimensions and sizes of each room in the granny flat as per available space and required designs. If the design that you have in mind is not available on print, ask the designing company to specifically write the dimension of each room in the plan so that you have the absolute values and no random estimates are made. The reason why this is critical is because there is no point in building an additional space if the sofa does not fit in the lounging area or you find out later that the bed is too big for the bedroom. To construct the best granny flats, people often take the help of software and other drawing programs which can provide a definite layout of the granny flat, and it is recommended that you do so too. Also, measure your furniture so that they are a perfect fit in your granny flat. A measure of your backyard where you want to install the granny flat is mandatory to measure to get a good idea of the measure of your total granny flat. 

Check For Light From The Windows

A room with enough natural light is sure to make you feel happier and healthier every day. A dark and damp room will make you feel sad and gloomy. Keeping this point in mind is important while designing the granny flat. Since it is mandatory for the best granny flats to have a 5-star energy rating, you have to pay very keen attention to the number of light bulbs in the room paired with the light coming from the windows. If there is enough natural light to let you going during the day, you will save a lot of electricity. In order to welcome sunlight, the position and the size of the windows is also very crucial. While choosing a granny flat design, bear in mind the position of the windows that should be positioned in the correct directions to allow maximum sunlight to enter into the house. 

Mind The Colors

When it comes to the point of choosing a color for your place, the best granny flats designers will advise you to keep it as simple as possible because there are many intermixed factors present here. Try to blend the color of the surrounding area with that of the granny flat. Make sure that there is parity in the Colors of the roof, walls, and windows because this will make sure that your granny flat has better reselling values later.



After finalizing the design of your granny flat, you should hire the best builder to get the best granny flats. With an experienced builder, your flat will look elegant and will be completed in the shortest time as well.

Contributed by Ashley Kinsela

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