Top Tips for Giving Your Bathroom A Makeover

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While you may have many different rooms in your home, there are undoubtedly some which you use a lot more than others. There is your kitchen and living room, for example, which you will use to prepare food, converse with your family and friends, and relax after a long day at work. Therefore, you are bound to grow tired of their appearance sooner than you would in a spare bedroom or study, which you might not use half as much. What’s more, they are bound to look more tired than those other spaces, simply because they are being lived in more and pick up more wear and tear. 

However, there is arguably one room you use more than any other, which often flies under the radar when property owners think about a home improvement project – the bathroom. This is ironic since it is the bathroom that shows age faster than any other and needs to look attractive in order for it to feel both hygienic and relaxing. To help you give your bathroom a luxury remodel, here are some top tips:

Make sure the basics are functioning correctly

There is no point in spending money on any aesthetic changes if the mechanical foundations of your bathroom are not functioning properly. For instance, if your pipes are leaking and causing a damp problem, then you are going to suffer from a horrible smell that will be impossible to hide and damp walls and flooring, which will quickly become a health hazard. 

As a result, if you suspect there is any element of your plumbing that is not functioning correctly, then call a residential plumber Columbus OH to come and fix this emergency for you.

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Change the taps and toilets

Some of the best changes you can make to your bathroom are also some of the most simple. For example, you could replace the taps with more elegant units. This would give you a pleasing touchpoint every single day, which would be a satisfying and tactile experience every time you use them.

People often underestimate the impact of these small touchpoints, but you are going to be using your taps several times a day, so it makes a huge difference to how you feel about your home. Alternatively, you could rip out the toilet and replace it with a newer and more attractive unit (relatively speaking). Toilets can start to show their age quickly, and once they look old, they can become a bit gross.

Create a wet room

Of course, you could be radical with your bathroom makeover and create a wet room. This is when you place a drainage hole in the center of the room and get rid of the shower door or screen, meaning you simply turn the tap on in the middle of the space and wash there. It is a liberating experience and one that can transform your bathroom. After all, without the bulk of a shower unit and screen, the size of the space will appear far larger than before.

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