5 Farmhouse Chic Upgrades That Will Make You Go Yehaaw

The words warm, cozy, practical and natural can be used to describe the farmhouse chic style. Homes designed in the farmhouse style exude charm and character. They include elements that are a nod to the past ideally blended with up-to-date fixtures, materials, and accessories. When making farmhouse chic upgrades to your kitchen, you have lots of opportunities to showcase your unique interpretation of farmhouse design.


Granite is a popular material of choice for countertops in a farmhouse kitchen. Dark colored granite can add warmth to the kitchen design. Upgrading to wood countertops is another way to achieve the farmhouse chic look. The upgrades you do should be conducive to your cooking style and personal design style. If you choose to do so, you can include a mix of granite and wood countertops in your kitchen.

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