Important Lessons for Nailing the Modern Farmhouse Look

Thanks to Our Lady of Waco, Joanna Gaines, the Modern Farmhouse design style has enjoyed a long time in the limelight — and it is easy to see why. The Modern Farmhouse allows a home to be comfortable and inviting while remaining stylish and chic, so homeowners can enjoy the best of both worlds: livability and attractive interior design. Even better, Modern Farmhouse doesn’t require a sky-high budget to get right, so homeowners around the country can put together a stylish, functional home without breaking the bank.

Modern Farmhouse is an approachable interior design style — but it isn’t foolproof. Here are a few critical lessons for getting Modern Farmhouse right and creating a charming and cozy home.

Cozy and Cluttered Are Not Synonyms

The farmhouse aesthetic is all about making you and your visitors feel warm, cozy and welcome. Unfortunately, in pursuit of this atmosphere, those aiming for inviting and comfy sometimes overshoot and get cluttered and distressing. It is tempting to buy every knick-knack that fits your design style, but doing so won’t give you a modern farmhouse — it will only give you a giant mess.

Every item you place in a room should have a purpose, and no two items should serve the exact same purpose. For example, you might have five throw pillows on your sofa, but each should add a unique color, texture or shape to the space. By thinking critically about whether your space actually needs a new item, you can keep your clutter under control.

It Is Easy to Confuse Farmhouse and Other Styles

The farmhouse style is supposed to look lived-in, which is part of what makes it so warm and appealing. However, a handful of other styles also take advantage of used, careworn, or otherwise homey furniture, and mixing farmhouse with other interior styles can make for an unattractive muddle.

On one hand, you should think critically about whether any item you add to your room is actually appropriate for a farmhouse setting. Some used items are simply old, not aesthetically farmhouse, and placing them in your space could confuse your farmhouse style with vintage, eclectic, or something else. On the other hand, you don’t want to put too much calculation into your farmhouse décor for fear that it starts to look inauthentic.

Chunky, Homey Furniture Makes the Space

Furniture is the foundation of any interior design style. Though you might be tempted by streamlined contemporary furniture or trendy mid-mod furniture, you need to choose large, chunky, and homey furniture if you are aiming for a farmhouse interior. Just like a real-life farmhouse, your furniture should be incredibly comfortable, even laid-back.

The most successful farmhouse décor utilizes furniture that has an heirloom feel. If you don’t feel comfortable shopping used furniture from vintage shops or flea markets, you should at least look for new pieces that have the hallmarks of use, like scuffed edges and fluffed cushions.

Farmhouses Aren’t All White

The color white is very much in right now, and it is easy to see why. White amplifies any natural light inside a room; it feels clean and lively and won’t clash with any accent colors you could choose. It is easy to redesign a white room without repainting, and white is the most flattering background tone for taking pictures.

While you can incorporate white into your farmhouse design, you should try not to go overboard. After all, real farmhouses aren’t white on white — they incorporate all kinds of colors to make spaces feel more comfortable and homier. If you do want white walls, you should be careful to add color elsewhere in your furniture and décor.

Lighting Mistakes Can Ruin Everything

Lighting makes or breaks any interior design style, but it is especially important to get lighting right when you are aiming for cozy and inviting. Instead of throwing can light into the ceiling and calling it good, you need to create a warm atmosphere with your lights, which usually means layering different types of lighting in different spaces to create the right illumination and tone.

You might create ambient lighting with a farmhouse ceiling fan and add accent and task lights around the room using table and floor lamps. You should always invest in bulbs that have a lower color temperature, between 2,700 and 4,000 Kelvin, to ensure your rooms have that pleasant yellow glow.

When done properly, the farmhouse aesthetic is timeless; it is so friendly and appealing that it will never go out of style. If you work to put together a true farmhouse look in your home, you should be able to enjoy a beautiful and welcoming space for years to come.


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