Why Every Young Parent Should Consider Getting a Backup Generator for Their Home

As parents, you know how much stuff babies and kids require to get through life. Young parents stock up on all of the essentials from cribs and bedding to clothes and toys to get their children through their earliest stages of life. Something you may not have considered purchasing is a backup generator. A backup generator can be a lifesaver for a growing family should an emergency strike. Power generators either sense an upcoming power outage or can be turned on manually when the power goes out. For assistance in setting your generator up, visit this link: https://bestofmachinery.com/how-to-connect-generator-to-house/. Providing electricity to your home during a storm or emergency is especially helpful when you have babies or children.

Keeps Room Temperatures Stable

Babies need to have a stable room temperature for their best health. Babies that are too warm are at-risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). The risk of SIDS is greatest between the ages of birth and six months of age, but the condition may occur anytime through the toddler years. The ideal bedroom temperature for a baby or toddler is between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. If the power in your home shuts down, the room can easily get too warm or cold for your little ones. A backup generator can help keep the temperatures in their room stable.

Helps Illuminate the Home

One of the scariest things for young children is darkness. It can also be difficult to care for babies and young children in the darkness. If there is a power outage your home will immediately be enveloped in darkness. This means you will need flashlights or candles to illuminate their home, both of which can be frustrating to deal with. A generator can help light your home, keeping everyone safe from trips and falls. It’s a good idea to get a backup generator installed well before you think you may need it. Generator installation is easy and safe when done by a professional.

Regulates the Temperature of Milk and Food

Nothing strikes fear in a breastfeeding mom more than the power going out and realizing your carefully frozen and labeled breast milk might thaw out and become ruined. Many moms pump their breast milk so that it can be fed to their baby while they are at work or out for the night. Don’t let a power outage ruin your pumped milk; be prepared with a backup generator. Electricity is just as important for babies who drink formula. Many babies prefer warmed milk. Keep your bottle warming through any emergency with a generator. After your baby is done eating, a generator can provide electricity to sanitize your little one’s bottles.

Allows Newborn Treatments to Continue

Babies with medical conditions who require lifesaving treatments must be able to have a continual supply of electricity. Your little one may need to have their medications refrigerated, may require a dehumidifier in their room or need occasional breathing treatments. Don’t let a storm threaten your little one’s life. A backup generator can keep your child’s necessary medical equipment running well. This will help keep your children safe and healthy.


Most baby registries don’t include a backup generator, but maybe they should. A backup generator is an essential tool in raising a family. Young parents should consider saving up for one as soon as possible or having a generator installed well before their baby is born.

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