The Importance of Having the Right Brake Controller Before Your Camping Trip

Everyone loves a good camping trip, but before you hit the road with your travel trailer, you need to make several important decisions. One of these is determining whether or not a brake controller is required for your travel trailer. This device engages the electrical brakes on your trailer, providing an added sense of peace of mind while out on the road. Before embarking on your next journey, here are some of the reasons having the best brake controller before your camping trip is important.

1. Reduce Wear on Vehicle Brakes

There is a limit to how much pressure and weight your car’s brakes can withstand. The rate of wear accelerates as the load on them becomes heavier. Connecting a brake controller to the trailer’s brakes may alleviate some of the strain placed on your vehicle’s braking system and, consequently, extend its life.

2. Stay Safe

Safety is perhaps the most important reason for investing in the best brake controller you can find. Without a brake controller, your towing vehicle’s brake pedal control would not activate the trailer’s brakes. This may cause the trailer to overturn or cause other accidents. You will also be at a higher risk of trailer towing dangers such as swaying, fishtailing, and jackknifing.

3. Improve Your Stopping Distance

The best brake controller can improve your car’s stopping distance even when pulling a travel trailer. What this means is that if you apply the brakes completely, it will take less time and a shorter distance to stop completely. Towing a travel trailer slows down acceleration and braking, which is problematic because there are certain situations in which you’ll need to stop suddenly. With the extra weight on your car, you may drive confidently, knowing you have a safer stopping distance.

4. Avoid Legal Trouble

There may be legal implications associated with towing your travel trailer with a brake controller. When pulling a trailer, several states and Canadian provinces mandate the use of a brake controller. A breakaway kit may also be required by law, depending on the trailer’s weight and dimensions. Before getting on the road with your travel trailer, familiarize yourself with the local laws.

The last thing you want to experience on your camping trip is an accident. Unfortunately, according to the NHTSA, over 50,000 accidents a year involve towing. Luckily, a brake controller that allows you to control your travel trailer’s electric brakes from the driver’s seat of the towing vehicle can help avoid some possible accidents. Should the towing vehicle’s brakes fail, a brake controller will allow you to safely stop your travel trailer.


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