Want to Have the Holiday of Your Dreams? Here’s What You Need to Do

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Holidays are a perfect chance for merrymaking and creating memories. It is a time to step out of the usual tight daily schedules to rest, enjoy and rejuvenate. It is also a perfect time for families to spend quality time together.

However, a totally enjoyable holiday is never guaranteed. First, vacations are not cheap. It would require you to squeeze your budget a bit to finance it. Secondly, planning is never a walk in the park. It requires hard work to get everything in order and on time. Otherwise, last-minute planning could be the start of a really dull and frustrating holiday.

I can bet that is the last thing you need, especially after a long year of lockdowns due to the COVID 19 pandemic. Below are 4 tips to show you what you need to do to guarantee the holiday of your dreams.

Be the key player in the planning

As much as planning can be tiring and hectic, it is a major determinant of how your holiday is going to be. This includes deciding when to go and for how long, the finances, choosing your destination and getting all the required documents ready especially when traveling abroad.

Yes, planning by yourself could be tricky, but it is what you need to take control of your own trip. It is important to make sure that you decide on the destination yourself, and early enough. Do thorough research about your preferred destination to ensure it is the most appealing to you.

Additionally, ensure to avoid the last-minute rush. You risk missing out on the best. Identify which airline is good for you and have the booking done early enough. If you opt to go by road, have the car serviced before time.

Ensure your place of stay feels just like home

There is always that fear of leaving the comfort of your home for an unfamiliar place. It is even worse when you can’t guarantee your own safety and that of your belongings. In addition, having to share essentials such as bathrooms, and dining tables with strangers can make you feel uneasy, not to mention spending your nights in very noisy places that you can hardly rest well.

Thankfully, with a vacation rental, you have the perfect alternative to booking the right place to stay. You can easily book and choose the best suitable one for you online. Vacation rentals are made to fit just like a home would do. Once you do your booking, you have total control of the house including cooking your own food. On top of that, your privacy and safety are guaranteed. This is so because you can control who can access the house, and the interactions with strangers are minimal. This means your risk of contracting diseases such as Coronavirus is reduced.

Keep Valuables Somewhere Safe

You’ll naturally have a few belongings with you on your holiday, and a few of these will be quite valuable. Make sure you keep these somewhere safe. Hotel rooms are normally pretty decent with this, but they mightn’t always be the best choice. If you want an extra layer of safety, consider using some off-site storage lockers.

These are available in almost every city, such as storage lockers Amsterdam Centraal. While that means spending a little more on the holiday, it’ll be worth it for the extra safety. It’ll make sure all of your valuables are as safe as possible.

Plan for a reliable transportation

The truth is that you cannot expect to enjoy your holiday if you plan to stay at the same place all through. It is good to plan to visit as many places as you can. This means you can make more sweet memories.

However, relying on public means to commute can be a pain in the neck especially, during the holidays when bus/train stations are usually overcrowded. It is also a time when traffic gets too heavy thus putting you at risk of opportunists and a lot of time wasted.

If you are vacationing abroad, it would be better to acquire an international driver’s permit if your destination allows it. This is to be allowed to rent a car and drive yourself. Private driving means you have total control of your time, as you can drive anytime and anywhere you wish as long as it is safe.  It is also possible to have as many stopovers as possible and capture all the beautiful sceneries you come across.

Plan to have quality time in your holiday

Well, you cannot have enough good moments. You will always find yourself wanting more and more. However, if you plan very short holidays, chances are there would be no time for you to fully enjoy. For example, a 3 days’ vacation means you only have just one interrupting day to have fun. The rest would be travel days. Ironically, it would be over even before it starts. On the other hand, too long holidays would beat the logic of vacationing as they tend to be monotonous and boring.

Plan to spend your holiday for at least one week. It is enough time to make the best out of the season. You would not have to be under pressure to visit several places within a short time neither would you have time to revisit the same places.


The basic reason for holidays is to have positive energy. It can only start with your mind. The most important thing is to go with a positive attitude and with intentions to enjoy. That way, with proper planning, you can achieve an unforgettable holiday.

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