Surprising Holiday Activities You Need to Try in England

Do you think you know everything about England? You may have already visited the Buckingham Palace and had a lot of selfies in front of Big Ben. But, apart from these popular spots, England can be surprising in many other ways. You just need to give it a chance and choose to explore the canals on a memorable holiday spent on a narrowboat. On the other hand, if you dream of an exotic escape, you don’t have to travel thousands of miles to enjoy the golden sand and crystal water. Allow England to surprise you!

Try a canal boat

How does the idea of getting up every morning in a different location sound to you? Pretty interesting, isn’t it? You can choose to spend your next holiday in a unique way and rent a narrowboat to take you down the stunningly beautiful canals. This type of holiday is perfect in any combination. You can take your kids to have the adventure of their life. But, you can also spend a couple of relaxing days with your friends, enjoying nothing but the surrounding nature.

Do you know how a lavender distillery works?

Provence, France, is famous for its infinite lavender fields. Thousands of people visit the location every year to learn more about lavender and discover how a distillery really works. England will also surprise you with gorgeous lavender fields which fill the air with their intense scent. Apart from learning how the soothing lavender oil is produced, you can also discover the recipe of the delicious lavender cake.

Discover cultural particularities

London may be the most visited location in England, but this doesn’t mean that you should resume your holiday to this city only. If you want to be fascinated by the ancient architecture and discover the touch the Roman Empire left on this country, you need to visit the city of York. You cannot miss the York Minster or the Railway Museum and get to know more about the country’s development stages. What is more, here you will find several outstanding B&B options which will make your stay even better.


You don’t need to go to France to try some of the best wines in Europe. The Camel Valley in Cornwall will surprise you with its immense grapevines and fragrances. Here you will find traditional wine producers who have taken further this passion from generation to generation. You can fill your day with tasting sessions and tours around the location.

Forget about Spain, France, and other European cities, and explore more of the paradise that England secretly hides for centuries. Pack your luggage and get ready to discover a different face of this country filled with history and cultural heritage.

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