One Day in Minneapolis Itinerary

When you’ve got just one day to see all the hottest spots in Minneapolis, an itinerary comes in handy. A comprehensive travel plan ensures that you don’t miss anything during your trip. If you don’t know where to begin the fun in Minneapolis, a one-day in Minneapolis itinerary has got your back. 

Travel itineraries also help explorers manage their time. As a student on holiday, you want to make sure that you make time to work on your assignments. Alternatively, you can let professional writers at US Essays Writers help you with the academic workload. 

A well-laid-out itinerary ensures you can quickly bounce back in case of any inconveniences. All you have to do is check out the next attractive site on your list. Moving swiftly to the next activity when one does not work out saves you from feeling sorry and disappointed. 

If Minneapolis doesn’t cross your mind when you think of a weekend vacation, you’re likely unfamiliar with the City of Lakes. This is a cultural hub that will surprise you with its style, art, and spirit. You will enjoy the futuristic music and many other marvelous attractions that make Minneapolis U.S’ travel destination. 

Best Times to Visit Minneapolis – St. Paul

The best time to plan a trip to Minneapolis is between June and August. Around this time of the year, the weather is favorable for a weekend vacation. With a temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit, you will be able to venture outdoors and move through the city without any weather inconveniences. 

If you love the beach, you can spend time enjoying the cool breeze at the lakes. The summer weather in Minneapolis is inviting, so you’ll get to interact with people from different cultures and continents. 

Minneapolis is famous for hosting farmers’ markets so you can purchase fresh produce on your way back home. You will also get the opportunity to witness festivals and see people in large numbers. 

Early fall is another pleasant time to come here because the temperatures get comfortable, and nature gets to show off in pomp and color. You can take Instagram-worthy pictures of the changing leaves and the beautiful flowers. 

Winter, on the other hand, is frosty like you would expect. If you don’t like the cold, this might not be the best time to come to Minneapolis because the temperature rarely goes above freezing. You should avoid coming to Minneapolis between November and April because these months are marked by snowfall and freezing. There isn’t much to see in such a climate because you can hardly leave your hotel room. 

Facts About Minneapolis 

Before you take a trip to Minneapolis, it would be nice to know a little about the town you’re visiting. This active, diverse city is nothing like it was years back; it was built from a set of unique historical events that not many know about. Take a look at some facts about Minneapolis:

Native Americans have been living here for over 12,000 years

Historical evidence shows that Native Americans have been living in Minneapolis for over 12,000 years. The oldest occupancy dates back to 10,000 B.C.E near the Boom Island Park and the Washington Avenue Bridge. 

Researchers found out that the area around St. Antony Falls is sacred to the Dakota in more recent times. Nicollet Island used to be a peaceful meeting place between the Ojibwe and Dakota. Downstream, where the Minnesota River meets the Mississippi River, you will find Bdote. According to the Dakota, Bdote is the center of the world, and this is where their people originate from.

Thanks to a European florist, you’re never further than six blocks from a park in Minneapolis

Theodore Writh is famous for acquiring 3,500 acres of land for the Minneapolis Park System. During his tenure as superintendent, he started his career as a landscaper and florist in Zurich, London. He then ventured into Paris before moving to Connecticut, where he started the first municipal rose garden in the country. 

He was then hired as Minneapolis Park Board superintendent in 1904. His mission was to install a park within six blocks of every city resident. He first secured the land to establish all the parks and then went ahead to oversee the creation of the Minneapolis-St Paul Airport. 

Top Things to do in Minneapolis 

Knowing what to do for your weekend vacation in Minneapolis ensures you make the most of your time there. Here are the top things to do in Minneapolis.

Visit Minneapolis Institute of Art

When you visit Minneapolis, you have to visit the Minneapolis Institute of Art. It houses over 90,000 works of art from more than 5,000 years back. As an art aficionado, you will be pleased to experience ancient Egyptian artifacts, as well as European masterpieces from the most renowned artists of all time. 

The museum is a family-friendly place to visit because it is well-suited for all ages. You get to enjoy viewing beautiful art with friends and family. As a solo traveler, this would be an excellent place to come if you want to breathe different air. 

Experience the Chain Of Lakes

A trip to Minneapolis is incomplete without experiencing the chain of lakes. Make sure you make time to stroll along the shore of one or more of the five water bodies encompassing the Chain of Lakes byway district. 

If you visit during the summer, don’t miss the live music performances at Lake Harriet. After the soothing session, you can go ahead to smell nature at the rose garden and experience nature at the bird sanctuary. 

The beaches are family-friendly, so you can visit with your kids and let them enjoy the water. If you’re a fitness enthusiast, you’ll enjoy biking or jogging along the beach with fellow gym-goers.

You can also visit other water bodes like:

  • Lake of the Isles 
  • Cedar Lake 
  • Brownie Lake 

Each of these Lakes allows you to enjoy a beautiful backdrop while you spend time with family strolling or at a picnic. If you come in the summer, you will have the opportunity to participate in a plethora of sporting events.

Where to Stay in Minneapolis

If you’re visiting Minneapolis for the weekend, consider staying at the Hewing Hotel. It’s situated in the North Loop neighborhood, which is one of Minneapolis’s trendy neighborhoods. The location has a buzzy boutique essence to it that gives you the feeling of opulence and class. 

Staying at Hewing Hotel allows you to experience the city’s modern aesthetic. The hotel has a sleek Nordic design that you experience the minute you walk into the lobby. As an art lover, you will find yourself gazing at the wall to take in the artfully warm and modern wall accents. Throughout the hotel, you will experience:

  • Bespoke wallpapers 
  • Flannel pillows 
  • Exposed brick walls 
  • Rough-hewn details 

Whether you’re traveling alone or with a friend, Hewing Hotel is the place to stay.


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